Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Four years ago I explained the MHI theory when I talked about the economy. MHI or Mad's Hooker Index is the bench-mark or a gauge I came up with to predict the health of the U.S economy correctly. This index pretty much follows the trend and frequencies of the retards calling Mad Cabbie for rides to the hooker joints.

Guys, the economy is rebounding, people are going out more at night. I have a regular rider who is a consultant and who I haven't seen in years, all of a sudden he is getting laid two three times a week, now he doesn't have to beg his wife for a pun-tang anymore. People start working now and this is very good news for Obama and I predict the unemployment figure will be less than or close to 8%. Here are my five main points on why Mr. Obama will win this election comfortably unless they catch him with a hooker or something.

1-Unemployment will consistently go down.
2-The growth of the U.S economy will beat analysts expectations.
3-There will be more young first time voters going Obama's way.
4-Romney will be flip-flopping like crazy trying to regain the independent vote.
5-Romney's love-child will show up from France. (as I was told by one of my passengers)

Listen, the political pundits will tell you that it's going to be a very close race, but I say Obama will convincingly bitch slap Romney in November and take my word to your closest local bank.

Please don't forgot the homeless,

Mad Cabbie



Anonymous said...

I think that OWEbummer will win, but not necessarily for the same reasons.

I do not necessarily disagree with #1 and #2 on their own, but I am not sure how much they could hurt Romney or help Ol' Barry.

Obama does not need to excite the party base. He does not need to cater to the nanny staters and the rest of the Looniey Lephte Wynge of the party, either. They will come out to the polls just to make sure that a Republican does not win. If the Court tosses Obamacare (and I AIN'T so sure that it will), that will do more to excite the wackjobs and the DEMONcrats than Obama can. Obamacare is actually a misnomer. Pelousycare or Hitlerycare is more like it. Obama campaigned as being against the compulsory/fine provision. I am still bent at him for caving to the nanny staters on that one. When Obama was still a Senator, he kept trying to explain to the Looniey Lephte Wynge that it was the reason people like The Great Decider kept winning elections.

Romney, on the other hand, is another Republican version of Kerry. Two Republican Kerrys in a row: weak candidates. He can not excite his party base. Unlike the liberal lemmings, the reactionaries will not come to the polls to keep out a Democrat.

I do agree that he will not get the independents; they do not like weak candidates.

Overall, Obama has not done that bad a job. Everyone expected him to fix everything even before he took office. It took eight years of Bush and four of a Republican controlled Congress to make a mess of all this. Anyone who expected Obama and the Democrats to fix it in four is being unrealistic. Things have improved, he did get bin-Laden and he has been diligent at his job.

While I am still pissed off at him for caving to the nanny staters on the health insurance, I would vote for him, again, over Romney, as I did over McCain. I expect that he will win convincingly. I am not sure that it will be a landslide, but I do expect that he will win.

Anonymous said...

This is the second time I am hearing Romney fathered a child in France. Mad Cabbie I think I agree with you in the most part, by the way where are the hookers used to hang out by L street?