Thursday, April 05, 2012


Usually it's  rich fat dudes with  hot young wives, but the couple I drove to Great Falls last night was completely the opposite. She was a big tall blond heavy duty chic, maybe a little over 300lbs. The husband was in shape, looked real good, much younger and was extremely polite and attentive to her.

Their crib turned out to be a freaken mansion when I pulled up at the circular driveway. My first stereotypical thought was "Okay, he married a fat chic with a load of cash!". If you reading this blog, you probably thinking the same way I did, so I am not the only jerk here. There is a very good chance that he loves her regardless the extra pounds she is carrying around. That's all good but the problem I am having is, if these rich skinny white guys start snatching away those fat white chics, where do the black guys stand?

"Mad Cabbie, what a cheap shot! You are one sick individual!"

That's not a cheap shot at all man! I am worried about the inventory of fat white chics, I can't compete with rich white guys, you know!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.    


Peggy said...

Baby, don't worry. There will always be plenty of fat white chicks around.

Anonymous said...

I heard Diamond Cab is for sale, is that true?