Wednesday, April 04, 2012


For the past week DC cabbies were all over the news accused of assaulting their passengers. I didn't know  it was illegal to bitch-slap my out of control passengers every now and then. Now they want to install some kind of panic button inside the taxicab in case passengers encounter any kind of danger.

Let me tell you something, DC cab drivers are the most educated, friendliest and safe to be around with. Are there some bad apples? Of course there are, like any other business! Most of our passengers would fail the background check that we have to go through every two years. The Taxicab Commission were itching to install all kind of "big brother gadgets" in all DC cabs for the last few years. Companies like VeriFone are licking their chops and pressuring the DC council to have these garbages dumped in each cab on the riders expense. Guess what? You are going to have to pay extra $.50 per trip for it!

The shit they are talking about is more than a panic button, it's a smart chip that records every bit of movement and transaction inside the cab. If the DC government have their wishes, the retards will have all the information on where you being picked up and which whore house you're being dropped off at. Especially for those of you who call a cab for service, every bit of information will be stored at the DC Taxicab Commission for their viewing pleasure. You will be charged 50 cents a trip to give up your privacy, it's like a hooker paying her john for the service she provided.

Now the choice is yours, one in a billion chance for being bitch-slapped by Mad Cabbie or your privacy?

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.       


Anonymous said...

I would love you to rough me up a little Mad Cabbie......I am getting wet down there;D

Anonymous said...

If, in fact, you are at Diamond, Mr. Mad Cabbie, Diamond's computer guy already knows what you are up to. When you paid your four hundred bananas for that re-conditioned Samsung Galaxy (you know, the same one that SPRINT will give you NEW for two hunnerd 'n' a two year contract--and Diamond is using SPRINT), you PAID Diamond's computer guy to know when you are sleeping and know when you're awake. Check out the '48 hours manifest' application on your screen. Not only does it show the calls, it shows the pick-ups.

If you accept the ol' tarjeta a credito, you get 1099s, so now the Infernal Revenooers get to know what you got there without a subpoena.

Your privvasee done been vi'laytidd awreddy, Jack.

Oh, and Verifone ain't got it all together, either. Their call assignment system has its own set of problems. All of these call assignment programmes have their problems, but once you go to a satellite/computer call assignment system it is difficult to go back.

Unlike trying to turn a pickle back into a cucumber, it COULD be done, but it WOULD not be simple.

Anyhow, welcome back.