Saturday, April 07, 2012


I checked out these cats at the 9:30 Club couple nights ago and they rocked the house man! I am a big fan of these guys, if you haven't discovered them yet you need to, trust me you won't be disappointed. Their music is influenced by the Ethiopian jazz legend Mulatu Astatke which is another guy you need to check out.

What's up with the 9:30 club these days man? You are not allowed to smoke cigarettes but you can smoke all the weeds you want! Well, it seems that way, everyone around me were taking hits and by the time I got out of that place I was stoned myself.   

When the concert was over, I announced "Anyone needs a ride follow me, my cab is parked across the street!". I turned around and there were twenty retards following me, I squeezed in about half of them and dumped their asses all over the city. I was too tired to keep on working but still made a little cash after the show. It was a good night!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

I was there at the show mad cabbie, i can't believe we were at the same joint.

Anonymous said...

Wacky Terbakky is PC, regular tobacco ain't.

I will have to tell you of more than a few similar experiences that I had as a grajoowit stoodunt at ZooMass Amherst in the late 1970s/early 1980s. I smoked regular tobacco back then, a habit that I have since discontinued. That was MY choice, not the choice of the Nanny State. I STILL do not care if people smoke. GF still smokes.

If ever there were a PC place; Amherst, Northampton and the rest of the Happy Valley had to be it.

Anonymous said...

Mad! What is up with this Uber thing everyone is talking about?

Ian said...

Hey Cabbie, sorry ta jump ya thread but you may not know that ya ol' mate Wil Kyle is
just about done for :-( As he says "shit happens" but it shouldn't happen to our mates eh?
Anyway you can go to Dogbait's blog for an up date that's where I got the info:

Cheers, Ian H
PS While I got ya... thank you for the great reads over the years...
been lurkin'for a long long time. All the best!

John said...

Hi, I put a comment on last week, but I guess it didn't get through your anti spamming system. I thought you had gone off chasing those tall Ethopean women again. Problem is they are the fastest runners of the human race, so catching one might be a problem.
Gerat to have you back.