Wednesday, January 23, 2008


After reading my post titled "Don't March Out" an old Ethiopian friend of mine contacted me to help him out to get in shape. I haven't seen Tewdros in five years even though we live close to each other here in Columbia, Maryland.

Tewdros (Ethiopian version of Theodore) was an ex DC cabbie who got out of the business after he earned his electrical engineerings degree. Now he has been working for one of the major defense contractors for the last ten years and doing very well financially. So we hooked up over the weekend for drinks and caught up on what's going on in our lives. Everything is going well in his life with the exception of his physical appearance which makes hooking up with quality chicks very difficult. He is the nicest guy you can ever meet but the kind of ladies he is interested in wouldn't even look at him.

So we made a deal that I will be his personal trainer for the next year with the exchange that he will let me post the pictures of his progress every week without showing his face and the next day he joined my gym. So here is my friend Tewdros now:

This cat is going to be my bitch for the next year, I don't have any control on what he does outside the gym but he promised he will change his eating habits. We are going to start off very easy for the next few months and I will tell what we have done each week. His excuse for being out of shape is the same lame old story of the rest of you lazy ass fat motherfuckers come up with... "I don't have the time...My kids...My job...My DNA...My bla,bla,bla!" Listen, I hate sounding like a dick but there are 168 hours in a week and if you can't dedicate about 6 hours a week to live a healthy life style, then you deserve all the heart-attacks in the world. I know a girl in my gym who is a single mother of two and she is making all the sacrifices to show up three times a week. So I didn't buy any of Tewdros's excuses and I don't want to hear about it anymore.

Follow the pictures in this little project of mine on how I can help transform this ugly ass gut into a hard rock six pack ab by chopping off about 10 inches off his waist from 42" to 32" and drop his weight from 212 pounds to around 160 pounds by next year. Since I can't make a decent living anymore driving a cab in DC thanks to mayor Fenty, maybe this will be my resume in progress so you guys can hire me next year as your personal trainer so I can turn you in to a hot sexy chick or a fine strong hunk.

Tewdros I am looking forward to see you this Friday and get ready to cry like a bitch my brother.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Tewdros said...

Thanks a lot Zebra, I am looking forward to the challenge as well and no crying on my part.

Good Bless.


Lugosi said...

Hey, those photos look just like my gut!! Well, except with a lot less hair.

Paradise Driver said...


Just for clarity, there are actually 168 hours in a week.

And if you get between me and my Doritos, you die. ;)

Mad Cabbie said...

Tewdros, I know you are not going to disappoint us, we are going to kick some ass while watching some ass at the gym!

Lug for some reason I kind of thought you were a tall skinny white guy wearing coca cola glasses! what's up with the guts man? you better leave those box of dough nuts alone.

Thanks Wil, I did make the correction, and I was supposed to be the math guy right! shame on me!...and no sir I am not going to mess around with an ex-police officer and his Doritos!

Peggy said...

Good for you Mad but what about you? Have you been able to put weight back on? Your ATTITUDE is back and I'm glad to see it but what about the rest of you?

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks a lot Peggy, I am doing very well, I have about less than 10 lbs more to gain, I am just doing it nice and slow but all my strength is back and I have started doing my entire work out routine.

lizzie said...

that's really nice of you to help out your friend. and good luck to tewdros! it sounds like it'll be a tough year but it will be worth it in the end.

Anonymous said...

I thought you said 12 pounds after one year is good. No one wants to see that man's naked chest every week, so host those pics on a separate site, u cant force us to see them. A difference being made every week? are you some kind of scientist, even if you are i dont want to see them and I will have to reconsider this blog thing. Thats a lousy deal you made with him, what are you into dude? If he is so well off financially why dont you charge him money? You are really living up to your name Madd, finally. We dont care dude, this wasnt an exercise blog to begin with, now you are deciating ur blog to another man, even you dont post every week, but you are going to now, for his benefit?

Red said...

Personal Trainers make a good living you could leave cab driving.

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks Lizzie, it's challenging and fun and at the same time it's kind of cool to see a grown man cry!

Anonymous, I don't think I force you to see or read this blog and it's your right not to read my posts anymore, I can careless but at the same time I will take your advice and to keep the blog's identity I will create a sister blog that will address my buddy's progress and some work out stuff that I am pretty sure some people would benefit from. When I said 12 lbs in one year is good..I wanted to give an example and to encourage people not to give up regardless the amount of lbs lost by the end of the year as long as they stick to the plan. Depending on your weight and workout style, the amount of pounds you can loose per a given time varies among different people. Why am I not charging him? Because I don't want to, as simple as that! and he offered to pay and if that makes me a mad man you don't know what mad is, like I said on the blog this could be my resume and reference if I ever get in to the field. Don't be bitter, take it easy my friend!

You may be right Red, If you ever need a PT Uncle Mad may be available next year!

Red said...

No thanks MC. I'm getting one next week and hopefully it'll be a hot young'un who's into older women.