Monday, January 28, 2008


JP’s was one of the few stripper night clubs left in DC, and the joint burned down last week leaving “Good Guys” which is located across the street on Wisconsin avenue a nude bar with no competition in Georgetown. I had quite a few stripper friends at JP’s and of course I go there because I enjoy the great gourmet food they serve, I don‘t pay attention to the girls with hot nude bodies with their boobies hanging out .

JP’s reminds me of a regular customer I used to have in Cleveland Park. A bolding short stocky built white man in his early fifties wearing heavy duty ugly glasses. He has been divorced for the last twenty years and never remarried. He is an accountant type but never talked about his job and all I knew was he worked for the federal government. He inherited this big ass house from his parents on Macomb street and lived alone and I remember one time he was so drunk I had to drag him in to his house and it was barley furnished or cleaned, I think I saw a copy of the Washington Post from 1979 laying on the floor.

What really disturbing was after I drop him at the JP’s, sometimes he used to have me wait as few as five minutes and have me take him right back to his house which was five minutes away and he kept moaning in the back seat of my cab while rubbing his crotch until we got to his crib. I remember him telling me that the only way he gets aroused was by watching a live naked body, and I guess that maybe the reason why he rushed home so that he finishes his business before he loses the erection of his pipe.

I hate to see JP’s go and I hope they will rebuild and come back for more booby shows because they a part of our night cab business while they keep you horny guys out there entertained at night until you moan your ass home.

Please don’t forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


jpboy said...

I am so sad Mad, JP is like my second home and I hate GOOD GUYS!

Lugosi said...

That's why Al Gore created the internet. Plus, I don't have to tip my monitor.

peggy's mom said...

what i love about your blog, uncle mad, is that it is always sooooo educational!!!

Peggy said...

What about the poor strippers? No where to go but to try their luck at the other place.

Mad Cabbie said...

Jp boy, don't worry we'll just pass on the hat to get JP'S rebuilt.

Lugosi, I think your monitor is the one that I don't want to touch with my hand! It's like a crime scene...

I think you learn more real life situations in this blog than any other Peggy's mom!

Peggy you are so right, most of them they make that cash money every night and they don't know how to handle it and they have expensive tastes also, and that's going to be a problem! There is not that many nude bars in DC anymore the demand for dancers is not that great!

peggy's mom said...

you're right, dear, god love ya.... real life all the time, that's DIARY OF A MAD DC CABBIE!!! thanks!!!