Saturday, January 05, 2008


I was surprised how well Senator Obama performed in Iowa and the overwhelming support that he is enjoying in New Hampshire. For some reason until the last minute I thought Hillary Clinton would win by good margin but the white folks in Iowa said give us Obama or else.

There is something I noticed during interaction with my African American passengers, before he won Iowa most of the comment I heard was "America is not ready for a black president!" or "I am not going to waste my vote on Obama because he can't possibly win the general election!" but the last couple of nights brothers are fired up and motivated to throw their support to senator Obama. If that's the case around all of America, the huge black support base that Bill Clinton built up in the 90's can disappear real quick for Hillary Clinton and without a chunk of the black vote it could be very difficult to win the Democrat party nomination.

If Obama wins New Hampshire this coming Tuesday the shit is going to hit the fan for Hillary and Company because some states are not going to get any easier. She may need to change her strategy big time, the "I am more experienced" chant is not working at all in fact it may have turned off some potential Hillary votes.

I leave you with something interesting that a twenty something black bouncer I had in my cab last night said when I asked him who he would vote for between Obama and Hillary:

"...I am tired of those niggers man! (referring to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) I am tired of hearing about that we are victims man...Didn't Bill Clinton looked the other way when 500,000 niggers got smoked in Rwanda while he was getting his dick sucked in the White House by what's her name? Fuck Bill Clinton and his wife man! I am voting for this nigger quick and I hope he wins!... and how much is my fare motherfucker?"

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


june in florida said...

People want CHANGE, they're sick of the same old crap.I think there will be a lot more people heading to register to vote.

johnnypeepers said...

Hell ya Mad - preach on holmes. Hill-Billary been taking the Black vote for granted for years. She think that since her nympho redneck husband was the "First Black President" that she got the vote locked up.

She gonna be crying in a few days cuz she ain't about shit. Black folks ain't blindly signing up for her plantation bullshit.

Obama kicked ass on that debate last night - even though he looked like he was answering her charges directly and not talking to the audience at times. Kinda looked like Hillary was the mad mama and he was trying to explain why he had skid-marks in his spider-man underoos. Don't matter no way, she lost her cool and is crashing and burning.

tremayne said...

I found world reaction to Obama's win interesting. From my perspective, Obama is the only candidate who can offer REAL unity that transcends age, race, gender and party affiliation. America is in desperate need of a public relations makeover, and Obama is the only candidate whose character and background qualify him to be most effective towards restoring America's image abroad. - Tremayne, 25, blogger @

Lugosi said...

Obama is eloquent. He just has an amazing way with words. I remember watching his speech at the 2004 Democratic convention, and it was great.
After eight years of George W. Bush, who can barely string together three words to form a comprehensible sentence, Obama would be a welcome change.

Peggy said...

I would welcome Mr Obama, he seems to have a brain in his head.

What happened in Rwanda was horrible. There was a similar version in Cambodia too. I wish it would stop happening.

Uncle Keith said...

If Obama wins? Can I start calling black people, "The Man"?

Uncle Keith said...

NSNBC must be reading your blog. They just had a panel discussion, and everyone came to the same conclusion, three days after you did.

Anonymous said...

Mad cabbie, why didn't you just stop your cab and shove that jackass out?????wildly blinking eyes here??? Or does this ignorance make tacky news for your blog????blinking eyes!!!!

Now the world knows that America NEEDS all the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons that it can get...YES! Instead of those docile preaching fools behind sunday pulpits teaching people to turn the other cheek!!! Yep, Al and Jesse bring the right amount of balance. Get off their backs!

Now why would there have been cause to involve the USA in Ruanda pray tell??? Is it because the notion that black folks can't help themselves still being used as a big weapon of control? Africans have the Organisation of African States right there in their front and back yards, WHAT did THEY do about the Ruandan DISGRACE??? Those fat-assed African leaders need to stop lining their pockets and take a stance for human rights and dignity in Africa.

So, next time you get such a jackass in your car, shove his hip-hopped pants ass out and tell him you don't transport ignorant corpses.

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Petunia said...

Hey Mad,
Check out this NYT op-ed piece yesterday that looks at Clinton vs. Obama in the context of gender vs. race - I think you may find the argument/debate interesting.
Hope you had a good New Year!