Thursday, December 06, 2007


Lot of people ask me if I had someone famous in my cab but DC is not Los angles or New York where people's favorite celebrities roam around the streets. Washington is a political town so our celebrities are usually congressmen, media guys and high profile lawyers you know shit like that. When I used to work late, late meaning until 9am I used to pick up senators and and representatives and most of them nobody even know if they walk down the street. Unless a senator is on the media spotlight caught in a men's bathroom trying to do the nasty you wouldn't differentiate between a senator from Idaho and a used car salesman.

But I can tell you who the most polite law maker I had in my cab, drum roll please: That would be the gentleman from the great state of Alabama Richard Shelby! Yes this dude was always nice to me and next time he's up for re-election I think I am moving to Alabama just to vote for him. I used to pick him up in Georgetown and drive him to the Russell Senate Building and we carried on with great political conversation, even though I don't like his republican party I still enjoyed the 15 minutes ride and on top of that he over tipped the shit out of me.

Washington is a city of full of shit where everyone thinks that he or she is more important than God, even the young interns who work for free in Capitol Hill think that they are power brokers and try to flex their muscles when they run in to a cabbie like myself but they don't impress me so I normally ignore them and play the Best of Abdul from my usual Pakistani latest hits. The senator really didn't have to give me attention at all but he always did and I don't think the man is full of it like most others, at least that's what I think of him and for a guy in his seventies he is in an excellent shape.

But I am impressed by young Americans like this chick aka Petunia in Paradise who is in Southern Sudan doing some meaningful shit and people like her gets my attention and I won't torture them by playing one of my collections of Pakistani hits when they get into my cab.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie


Anonymous said...

Mad Cabbie, are you aware of the current hubub on the east end of capital hill and the 400 bed homeless shelter?

lizzie said...

damn, if i ever get in your cab, i'd over tip you too!

Anonymous said...

My friend I think you should move to Hollywood and start writing for TV shows man! You write some funny stuff always tagged with strong messages and you got me hooked.

Please don't stop writing:

Peggy said...

It is nice to hear that there are some good guys still in your town.

Johnnypeepers said...

Yo MC, I used to live in Alabama. Shelby is an important man up there in Congress. He is carrying a lot of weight on his shoulders with his committee involvement. That is good to know he treats folks right. You can read a man real quick seeing how he looks down on folks. I love you blog, I am new to it.


Mark said...

Shelby always forgets the homeless, the environment, the health care-less and poor kids. He managed to pull 0% ratings from Children's Defense, the League of Conservation Voters and has opposed all legit efforts to expand health care.

His support of voter ID laws has hurt efforts to mobilize the homeless and has been used systematically to block minorities from voting. Shelby sucks. He sucks the big one, big time!

Petunia said...

Hey Mad,
Thanks for the shoutout, nice to feel the love from DC! I'll be back there for a couple days around new years, so if I come across your cab I can hopefully look forward to a serenade of something other than Pakistani hits.
Be well and stay warm with all that snow, I'll bring some sand back for you from Juba.

Anonymous said...

Senator Shelby is an excuse for a human being. He recently made a sment to severely disabled people seeking to leave nursing homes saying" Shelby told ADAPT, "I don't help people who can't help themselves" what kind of sorry ass excuse is he for a human being. I will be donating 2300 bucks which means i will max out my contributions to the opponnent to this idiot.