Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I know some of you out there listen to music of accomplished legendary artist like Britteny Spears but when you get a chance please check out my man Hugh Masekela from South Africa. I was lucky enough to be at his concert in London years ago and it was out of this world.

His CD can be a great gift to someone who digs real Jazz/African-tunes/World music. Every time I play his album in my cab people want to know who he is and tips fly my way. I think I am going to post and talk about some of the music I like from time to time and next time I will have some Norwegian folk songs for you.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Mad, I now announce you as musically sophisticated!

I am a young white man who enjoys music from all over the world and unfortunately majority of Americans never heard of this great musician before so keep up educating the public. I enjoy your blog a lot and I am looking forward to read about the Norwegian folk songs:)


Kyt Dotson said...

Not bad!

I will definitely look forward to those Norwegian folk songs.

june in florida said...

Heard him do Grazing in the Grass years ago and never forgot that or his name, what a blast from the past. You blow me away Mad.

june in florida said...

Also Miriam Makeba,what a singer.

xtremeenglish said...

i saw hugh masekela in person back in 1985 or so in IOWA! can't say i heard his music well, but he was a great hit at the concert. you have deceptive depths, young man!!

peggy's mom

Mad Cabbie said...

June, you know your stuff girl! Makeba is the queen and I also never get tired listening to Masekela's "Grazing in the Grass"

Anonymous said...

I am going to gift his CD to myself!!!
I have a some for you too, I'll post them next time.
I just love love love that SA drum beat. I hope they never change it.

Lugosi said...

Who's the white guy in the audience?

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks for the compliment Peggy's mom, Wow! Hugh was in Iowa? It has to be at Iowa State University or something unless he was hitting the country fairs!

Lug...Masekela is a huge international star, he probably has more white fans than blacks.

Anonymous, I agree taht the original South African beat is the best!

Xtreme English said...

nope, he played at a conference at the university of iowa. i forget what the conference was about, exactly--some women's thing--but angela davis spoke, too. u of iowa had one of the country's first feminist anthropology programs, and they got some big names to show up.

peggy's mom