Saturday, December 22, 2007


For the die hard Washington Redskins fan like myself, even though the law of mathematics say something else we would like to believe that our beloved football team will make a run for the #6 spot as a wild card in the National Football Conference. Here is what needs to happen besides the planet Earth, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter perfectly aligned in parallel orbiting the sun.

Case 1
Redskins beat the Vikings, and
Redskins beat the Cowboys, and
Eagles beat the Saints

Case 2
Redskins beat the Vikings, and
Redskins beat the Cowboys, and
Bears beat the Saints

Case 3
Redskins beat the Vikings, and
Redskins beat the Cowboys, and
Bills beat the Giants, and
Patriots beat the Giants

Case 4
Redskins beat the Vikings, and
Cowboys beat the Panthers, and
Eagles beat the Saints, and
Bears beat the Saints, and
Broncos beat the Vikings

Is it possible? Of course it is possible! There is a possibility that I may win the Mega Million Lottery as well and according to my calculations there is an 8.813% that the Redskins might advance in to the post season. I think my friend Lugosi has a better chance pulling a threesome with two hot chicks in his taxicab tonight. But I have been a Redskins fan ever since I was 5 years old and when you're a die hard fan the realist in you disappears and you keep believing.


Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad "the dreamer" Cabbie.


Jamy said...

I believe.


june in florida said...

Happy holidays Mad.Maybe one of your ladies could click her ruby stilletos together and all your dreams will come true.Just believe.

Anonymous said...

i'm a redskins fan, but if i watch the game, they LOSE. you don't think this is possible? last week, i TRIED TO WATCH the skins game, but i COULDN'T FIND IT. they won!

so i promise not to watch the vikings-skins game even though i used to be a vikings fan, and i'd love to see the skins beat the crap out of them (some of the vikings fans have turned into world-class whiners).

peggy's mom

(p.s., this is why i absolutely DETEST the cowboys..they beat the vikes every time they met in the superbowl.)

Mad Cabbie said...

I am with you Jamy, It's been a painful 16 years for skins fans, I think we deserve better!

Merry Christmas to you as well June, ruby stilettos sounds good June...and I BELIEVE lot's of good things going to happen for all of us!

Peggy's mom, please..please..please don't watch the game if that's what it takes for Skins to beat the Vikings! I think I might have to set you up with a hot date to drag you away from the TV set tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

i thought the game was today. wait, i'll go look.....

(just teasing....i promise not to watch at all)

peggy's mom

Lugosi said...

I'm pulling something tonight, but it's not a threesome.

Eryn said...

I'm actually wearing ruby slippers right Now! I'll click them twice just for you. :)

Merry Christmas Mad

Red said...

Merry Merry!
Be good or be good at it!
Go Skins!

Claire said...

Seasons Greetings, Cabbie, May all your wildest dreams come true! Believe...

lizzie said...

hope you had a wonderful xmas!

kimba said...


Uncle Keith said...

Come on Skins!!!

The Acid Queen said...

Hail to the Redskins!

kimba said...

They did it!

Now for the Seahawks...