Thursday, October 19, 2006


My dear red neck friend Pastor Joe has agreed to a one year $1 deal to contribute to the DIARY OF A MAD DC CABBIE blog. Financial analyst are saying that this could free up some extra time for Mr Mad Cabbie to get laid and which could result a high revenue for the downtown prostitution business, and due to this news the Dow Jones is expected to to cross the 12000 mark today after the market closes.

This writing blog stuff is not an easy shit to do, at least for me it's not, because I am not a writer and I suck, my vocabulary is limited to 300 words maybe 308 on a good day so I needed another retard with something to say to help me out and who else could it be than the holy man himself. If you think I have a foul mouth I think you are mistaken but I did advice him to tone it down a bit and which I doubt that he will do. He agreed to do this shit on the condition that I don't edit his stuff which never was my intention in the first place.

I hope you will keep enjoying reading this blog, we don't advertise and try to sell crap in this joint, we are just here to share our experiences at night driving cabs and entertain you at the same time and please don't take some of our observation personal because we don't give a fuck.

But I do give a fuck if you don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Twoste said...

Your plethora of fortitude brings me sweet regalement.
Just don't get into flaggelating a deceased equine...

Mad Cabbie said...

Twoste: Are you trying to say that my excess of mental strenghth brings you a sweetful entertainment but you don't want me get in to whipping a dead horse?

MJ06 said...

Sounds good

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more interesting sharing from NYC nite life from both of you guys!


Claire said...

Hey Mad Cabby,

Here-here. Let's welcome red neck Pastor Joe. ANd hope you enjoy your time off.
I understand that you need a break every so often, Mad Cabby (not to say you're a slacker, no way, in fact I'd worry aboutcha if ya didn't take a break). Now that you've freed-up some extra time may I suggest two activities that will not bring you any trouble? 1. Watch Dave Chappelle on "Chappelle's Show" on the Comedy Channel on Cable TV. He's pretty much uncensored and funny too; I have no stock in him, I just think he's great, how should I know? well I'm a media lapdog, love to watch tv, movies, read magazines, and books, stuff like that. Oh, and 2. can you visit my blog? Please? Thanks. No one ever does, hardly.



legal alien said...

MC I am so happy that Pastor Joe is joing the world of blogging, I told you that he will join.


Xtreme English said...

Wot?! Somebody ELSE is taking your place? Let Pastor Joe get his own blog--it's free. You're a fine writer, Mad Cabbie. Writing is not all about punctuation and vocabulary. It's about spirit and life, and you've got those to the max.

Meanwhile, here's a quality of life question for your neighborhood quality of life consulting bidness, and I will be happy to pay your retainer if you will let me know where to send it. The question, please: My oldest grandson and his wife are coming to visit, and they want to stay in NW DC (hotel will be nameless). I read where there are like 5 stickups an hour in Adams Morgan after 11 p.m. Should I advise them to stay someplace safer, like West Virginia??

Peggy's mom

june in florida said...

Wash your mouth with soap Mad, you are way over 308, and we will enjoy Pastor Joe adding his comments to yours.Also its encouraging that you are contributing to the downtown economy.

kilgorsky said...

The trick is to put the 308 words together, throw in some punctuation and create a story no one else does. And you know how to do it. Can't wait for the pastor to contribute.

Have a good weekend, Mad.

Mad Cabbie said...

Mj: I think so too

Eric: It's Washington DC not NYC!

Claire: Fortunately or unfortunately I don't own a television set but I do know about the "Chappelle's Show" infact I have seen him preform live before he got big and I do find him very funny. But I will be one of your regular fans and I did check out your posts and you write some interesting stuff, I am pretty sure you will hear from me.

Legal: I remember you saying that, I guess you probably know pastor more than I do because he always said that I am waisting my time on this blog and now his jumping in the bandwagon!

Peggy's mom: Mad Cabbie a fine writer? Well this complimant coming from the extreme English I think I have to say I am feeling good about my sorry ass writing skills. My suggestion to your grandson and his wife would be the JW Mariott, The Willard or Hotel Washington if they have the extra cash or the Harrison hotel if they are on a budget because all of these hotels are around the extra gurded area and in the middle of walking distance to the touristie stuff, they can save some cash they would spend on cabs!

June: Thanks for the encouragment and I hope you will engoy reading Pastor's stuff, you know I get to hear his stories first hand and I never get tired of them when talk about them over and over again.

Kil: Thank God you survived that accident bro! and I am happy that you feel better enough to comment. Pastor and I will make sure that your healing process will go on as smooth as possible

Crabbie said...

Keep it up, man. Yours is by far my favorite cab driver blog out there. I mean nothing else is even close (not even mine!)

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks Crabbie for the vote of confidence and the feeling is mutual, I like your shit as well!