Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I met my pimp friend aka Mr. Hook about twelve years ago, he showed up for my 30th birthday party by tagging along with another friend I invited and we've been friends ever since.

"Mad, aren't you going to tell us about your weekend trip to San Francisco? What happened dude? are we being uneasy here already? I don't like where this is going MC!"

Listen, nobody cares and this blog is about cab drivers and their pathetic street lives not about... You know what? why am I explaining this to you? you retard!!!

Sorry guys, this jackass keeps butting in and he wouldn't leave me alone.

I am going to write a few stories about my pimp friend in the future but from now on I would like to address him as Mr. Hook because to me he is not just another pimp, he is a very good friend I can count on. Even though the way he makes his living is questionable for some people, I hate to keep calling him the pimp because he is much bigger than that.

Mr. Hook is not your everyday pimp you see on the street, he runs his sophisticated escort service out of his Dell laptop with army of hot chicks and their blueberries. No office, no cheesy website, no newspaper add, just a word to mouth networking among the very well to do old horny men. You wouldn't believe what these guys spend for a good time but you see these girls are real hot and they are from all over the place, Russian, Polish, Brazilians, Mexicans and of course Americans and more. He treats these girls very well and it's all business so it's not that stereotype "Where is my money bitch?" kind of relationship. For you cops who's reading this shit, Hook runs an escort service not a prostitution ring, what the girls do after they meet their clients, he has no control of and you guys tried to bust him a few times but the judges laughed at your ass and threw away all the cases and now he is a respected businessman in the community hahahaha.

Years ago while sitting at an all night cafe bull shitting as usual, Mr Hook was bragging about how well hung he was and the unusual shape of his penis. He started to draw the figure of his penis on a piece of napkin and it sure looked like a hook to us and we started calling him Mr Hook ever since. He claims that the shape of his penis easily helps him to hit the G spot every time he has sex but me personally I did my own expedition like Indiana Jones to locate the G spot on a woman to no success so I think the existence of the G spot is just a myth. I talk to a lot of girls in my cab and the answer I get is some say it's there and some say it doesn't and all they want is their men to pay attention to the C spot instead.

It's always nice to be back home and I am going to see Mr Hook and the crew tonight and I am not looking forward to it because I have a feeling that they are going to grill me tonight. By the way for any of you ugly losers with no woman and a high school reunion on your calendar approaching, you might wanna contact Mr Hook and he can fix you up with a 6 feet blond for that night so you can impress your friends and their fat wives. That's what this dude did a couple month ago and the girl played the part very well.

Don't forget the homeless while I try to locate the G spot.

Mad Cabbie


NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Hey, we just studied that. The hook is caused by a fibrous band in the corpus cavernosum. It's called Peyronie disease.
Hee hee. The more you know...

Hope you had a great trip.

Mad Cabbie said...

Hey nurse, what's happening? Peyronie disease? Mr Hook thinks that it's a God given gift! wait till he hear this!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes there is MC! you just have to dig harder! LOL


Twoste said...

Why is it that a woman's is so hard to find and a man's is, like, his entire body and psychosis?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mad, this is unrelated to your post... but how about setting us up with an RSS feed? It'd be much appreciated.....

Mad Cabbie said...

Ann: Dig harder uh? I might need to brush up skills then!

It's mother nature dude, women are complex creatures and harder to figure out most of the time

Anonymous: your wish is my command the RSS feed, it's already and I am delighted that someone would even thought about subscribing to this garbage that I write.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back from SF, Mad Cabbie! G spots? I definitely relate to C spots if by that you mean $100 bills.

Peggy's mom

kilgorsky said...

We sometimes have crazy friends/aquaintances. Since I'm a regular at the tattoo shop, I know all the local "thugs". Every now and then I write homework papers for their girlfrends and nobody in town touches my ass. Plus, I get the best weed.

Mad Cabbie said...

Hahahaha Peggy's mom, I think you can relate to the other C spot also!

That's some funny shit Kil, doing paper for Leroy's girl. Kil I don't know why they keep putting out bad movies after bad movies, look at the materials whe have in these blogs!

Xtreme English said...

the OTHER C spot? i don't wanna know

peggy's mom