Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I picked up a bartender from one of the bars in Georgetown who wanted to go home after a slow night. By the way I love you bartenders man, you really take care of your cabbies including this dude. I have driven him to his apartment in Arlington before, he is a cool guy from Morocco and we always have great conversations and some how we end up talking about chicks all the time.

But last night my man was real pissed off after a short phone conversation with his wife. He was talking in Arabic so I didn't know what the hell he was yelling all about, but he said something interesting and also disturbing at the same time when he was done arguing with his wife. He talked about how the system in the United States over protect women and that men don't have any rights at all. "I can't even touch her unless I want to spend the night in jail. She is just driving me crazy and I don't know what to do!" and after a long pause he kept on saying, "But you know what? we're going on vacation together for a trip back home coming this January and I can't wait for that day to arrive! as soon as we land in Morocco I am going to punch her around like a mad man and then we will see how her dial 911 is going to help her over there bitch!!!"

Is this guy really serious? Don't cops care in Morocco when a woman is beaten? I hope he will calm down by then because I am pretty sure his wife is also looking forward for this exciting vacation in January to reunite with her family but she doesn't know what's coming unfortunately. And any of you macho assholes out there please don't get any devilish idea of booking your next vacation to Casablanca with your wives, alright?

Don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't I think of that? Morocco her I come with my bride!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Mad Cabbie. Girls, don't go to Morocco with your husband!!!

Peggy's mom

Twoste said...

Morrocco is a f-ed place for real for real...been there, done that, no thank you come again no thanks.

Peggy said...

If your husband is going to hit you, nowhere is safe. Geography won't change things. Morocco is a beautiful country.

It is obvious that this joker has hit his wife in the past and she has called the police. How annoying for him!

Pray for that woman.

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

The harder the fist the limper the dick. What an asshole. Grrr.

Oh speaking of peni, I heard a story today about a man who got his rocks off by having fishing lure worms shoved up his manhood. Maybe we should introduce him to the bartender. {evil grin}

nightnurse/dayMom said...

Hi, Mad! This is exactly what my husband said... that he's gonna take me to his country and whoop my ass since he can't do it here in US of A. Told him though that I'm not stupid to go with him. hehehe Anyways, I know he was just joking cause my husband would never hurt me.but I know alot of men from their country beat their wives for just talking back to them.
BTW, I love your blog sooo much. I had Mad Cabbie withdrawal when you were on vacation with Pastor Joe. hehehe take care!

MJ06 said...

Thats screwed up. Hey mad I see Pastor Joe is a team member on your blog now I just noticed that.

kris said...

Holy crap. Can't wait to read more; I can't imagine what you witness in our fair city.

Claire said...

Hey Mad Cabby,

You drive home the point (Ha! pun not intended) that we all need to count our blessings now and again. There's nice people we are acquainted with, but we don't know what goes on in their homes. I don't care what they say about America, not to say there's no wife beaters here, but at least we have (however faulty they may be) the laws, the courts, the police, and the organizations to help women in trouble.

Men can be charming and attractive but how do we women adjust our radar so that we can tell if they're abusive before we get involved? My radar is very faulty when it comes to men. I think it helps to know that, so if I meet someone I like more than anything I know he's a loser and I have to find someone else that I'm not so mad about but that I like somewhat. That's just me because my radar is damaged.

Your bartender friend needs to be more secure within himself. It's a complex problem where he feels he's the victim. I sympathize with his wife. On the other hand, there are women who are real hen-peckers, who complain from the time they wake up until they go to bed at night. This is a form of verbal abuse. They can drive one crazy. There's always 2 sides to every story.



Mad Cabbie said...

Josh: Consider yourself lucky that your bride married your ass so take her to Disney World instead!

Peggy's mom: It's just happened that he is from Morocco but I am pretty sure it happens all over the world. I think about ten years ago didn't they arrested a guy in New York for locking his wife in the basement for seven years?

Twoste: What were you doing in Morocco? whas it one of your journalistic duties?

Peggy: I agree with you, but I don't think he will hurt her in Morocco because I was talking to my friend Ali about this and he told me her brothers would skin his ass if he ever did that. I think he was just pissed when he said it, I hope!

Nurse: "The harder the fist the limper the dick? That's funny nurse! I think I am going to a pet store today and shop for some fish worms, I am going to try that trick myself.

Night Nurse: Thanks for enjoying my blog, I think the profession of nurses and cab drivers kind of relate, we both encounter people at their lowest point. I think you should start your own blog and tell us those "light bulb stuck in the ass" ER stories! and I am glad that you have a hubby who appreciates you.

MJ: Yeah, finaly I conviced pastor joe to help me out to contribute to this blog and he has some fucked up stories to tell I even can't wait to read about them.

Kris: Thanks for stopping by, DC has some shady underground world going at night and I am happy to share those stories with you.

Claire: You are right on the money and like you said there is always two sides of the story. By the way a smart chick like you should be able to adjust her radar to zero in at the right mate. I know it's not easy but dust off those antenas on your radar!

lugosi said...

What better way to prove your manhood than to beat up a woman who's half your size.