Thursday, June 15, 2006


"Hide Your Assets & Disappear: A Step-by-Step Guide to Vanishing Without a Trace by Edmund J. Pankau"

This is the book I found in my back seat as soon as my passenger left the cab, the guy who forgot and left it was long gone so I couldn't catch up with him and gave it back. I guess his book vanished before he did.

The book was hidden underneath today's edition of the Washington Post, I wonder what this poor guy is up to. He is a stocky middle age white man, government type. I dropped him off in front the Ronald Regean building, I ran couple short fares and took a coffee break at the starbuck on Connecticut & R. I sat down outside and read quite a few pages, a lot of common knowledge and some interesting stuff. A couple of fat guys started staring at me and one of them said " you thinking about disappearing uh?" without saying a word, I gave him that, fuck you! you asshole! look and I took off. They probably asked themselves "why would this dumm ass cab driver wanna disappear?".

I am going to read few more pages before I go to bed. If I stop contributing to this blogg in the future, you know what happened.

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wil said...

Back in the late '80's there was a guy named Bill Greene who wrote books on real estate investing and avoiding taxes.

Naturally this caught the attention of our favorite three letter agency and they nailed him for tax evasion.

Among the topics in his books was a lesson on how & where to go to avoid extradition to the US for this "crime".

Well, shortly after he was sentenced to Federal Prison, he earned the right to have a short personal needs furlough and has never been seen nor heard from since.

I wonder how he is enjoying the Italian alps and Lake Cuomo (sp?), Italy?