Sunday, June 11, 2006


It was pretty much uneventful Saturday night, I drove bunch of drunk guys who couldn't get laid for the night and kept screaming at each other, it was kind of fun listening to their bullshit. If you are a young, single, college graduate with a job and half decent looking and can't get a little poon tang action, you are a fucking loser. I will send you a free LOSER t-shirt courtesy of mad dc cabbie.

But my last fare I had this morning was pretty interesting, she is a twenty something, attractive, short dark hair with sparkling blue eyes. She wanted to go to Potomac, Maryland to meet her parents at their house to go out for brunch later on. As soon as she sat in my cab she started to breath heavily and said " Oh fuck, the day is finally here...." And I said " what day babe?" she leaned on the back of my seat and whispered," this is the day that I am coming out of the closet and my poor parents don't know what's coming, I am going to tell them that I am gay, my mother kind of suspects but its my dad that I am worried about, he is going to get crushed."

She told me since she was thirteen that she liked girls in a different way and had her first lesbian experience when she was sixteen and never looked back, and now she is in love with this girl she met in college(AU) three years ago, they've been living together for the last year or so in an apartment in Cleveland park but her folks think that they are roommates. She said "my mom always ask me when they're going to be introduced to a nice Jewish boy, but at least I got the Jewish part right, surprise! surprise! I guess they're going have to deal with this whether they like it or not, this is who I am now." and the rest of the way she talked about what was it like to grow up in Potomac (90210 of the Washington area).

I pulled up in front of a huge ass mansion not too far from Falls and River road. She paid me $30 and said " wish me luck! Thanks for being a good listener." and walked towards that intimidating house on steroids. What ever the out come maybe today, by the end of the day she is still their daughter and I hope the love and support they offered all these years survives. I don't want to open up the Washington Post tomorrow and read some dum ass head line saying "MAN SHOOTS HIMSELF IN POTOMAC."


DC Cab Rider said...

Ok, my cousin doesn't go to AU, and I haven't heard any screams coming from my uncle's house out in Potomac, so I'm assuming it wasn't her :).

Mad Cabbie said...

Your uncle is safe for now, DCR!

lugosi said...

I would have asked if she had any photos of herself and her friend.

Mad Cabbie said...

you are twisted as I am lugosi.