Friday, June 09, 2006


A DC cop flagged me down about 2am around Tenleytown circle. The white officer asked me if I could take a stranded deaf black guy standing in the rain next to him to Florida avenue NE, the metro bus he was on was involved in fatal accident up in friendship heights so they had to let everyone off the bus. After the deaf gentleman got in to my cab, the police officer paid for his fare plus tip thanked me and left. So on the way to north east DC I was telling my passenger who is an accounting graduate from Gallaudet University with no job (lip reads well and speaks ok), how I was impressed by the kindnesss and thoughtfulness of the police officer, and to my surprise he replied by saying "...Because he's throwing money, that doesn't make him a good person, maybe he has a trust fund." This son of a bitch wasn't a bit thankful of what that police officer just did for him.

When I started this blog, I promised myself always to stay anonymous, but last night I broke my own rule by giving this jack ass the URL of my blog, so that he can read about himself and discover what kind of thankless asshole he really is. I hope this was a great read for you sir.


3dub said...

Be glad he didn't have to pay because you and I know there would be no tip.

wil said...

No good deed ever goes unpunished.

Anonymous said...

You lying fuck! I was not standing in the rain. Your mom and 3dub's mom are the biggest bitches of them all.
I know why you Mathetician ass is a cab driver just from reading your blog. You own real estate and you take advantage of stupid white and rich people, and heavy combinations of both. Unlike you and your stinky Ethopian people, I do not put my head up the White man's behind or ride his rod for any amount of money. I would have gladly walked (looks at mapquest) the 6.5 miles home.
You HEATHENS have no concept of anything but what is right in front of you strips of green cotton fiber with pictures of white men who ran America while your fathers were still building huts out of shit.
Cab drivers are pathetic in my book(the one's that are not Negro, Hispanic, or NATIVE Central North South America, or West Indian(Native of course). You live for a fucking handout, you and 3dub are not content with just what your service is "Worth", but always looking for extra, more more more, not surprisingly it will fail you both in the end and my people will be laughing for centuries. Besides you'd pick up a black person at 2am in the morning and take him to NE, who is your Ethopian ass kidding, I hope Eritrea finishes the job, they cut you off from the sea, Haillie Salassie is a crock of shit.

MJ06 said...

Hey guys I have a question thats kinda unrealated but it is kinda relavant I was in Washington D.C. in 2003 and every Police car I saw had its light bar on and they were not going to emergencys either they were just regulary patrolling why is that?

Hey anonymous thats not nice the Police Officer flagged down the cab and even paid and you could not even say yeah it was nice of him to do that because I am pritty sure the Police Officer did not have to help you out like that.

Mad Cabbie said...

First of all what makes you think I am an Ethiopian, I am a fourth generation Washingtonian born and raised in Brightwood full blooded PROUD AMERICAN, I can care less what you said about Ethiopia and Eritrea. You see, there is hate in your heart, you are mad at the world. White man this, White man that, you have that "poor me" complex. YOU are responsible of what you BECOME. Go walk around P.G county and Montgomery county and see how successful black people live, they don't cry all day of what happened years ago, they go to work and take care of their family, instead you were telling me some dum ass fantasy shit about robbing a bank with that police cruiser you got a ride with before I picked you up.

Cab drivers don't live off handouts, cabbies work hard putting long hours, supporting their families, send their kids to college. I don't think working hard is in your vocabulary yet, I hope one of these days you will understand.

And those stinky Ethiopians you are bad mouthing, look what they did to Adams Morgan, look what they did to U street, while you sit on your ass and pick your nose. Do something with that accounting degree, instead of hateing Ethiopians (by the way negro like you are.)and white people including that great white police officer who paid your fare.

And remember, I tried to give him a discount but he insisted on paying the full fare plus tip, and you can't even say thanks!

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Mad Cabbie said...

Hey Mj06, you are right about DC police cruiser light bars blinking at all times, I heard its some shit they learned from Israel, some kind of phsyco-war fare to let their presence known. But when they pull you over the rotation of the light increases, we know when to pull over but some tourists get confused.

MJ06 said...

Okay thanks alot I knew they had a reason for running them.

By the way your my new favorite blog I used to got to New York Hack and I still do but I kinda like your blog a little better you answere my questions and you up date your blog more and your storys are entertaining easy to read and informative so thank you.

Melissa Marie said...

I know what you meant by Bill Clinton has been a long day. Thanks for stopping by my site. I've enjoyed yours.

jeepgirl said...

Hey DC, no worries... people are never grateful for what they are given and always want more. My thoughts??? Let him walk next time.

By the way, my fiancee is a cop, his chief was former DCPD and wants them to ride with the lights on as well. He says it makes them "a more visible part of he community."

Be safe out there!