Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Last night which was first night out for me in a week, wasn't bad,even though it slowed down around 2am. Besides this dude I was driving, telling me he might commit suicide this summer, it was a normal boring Tuesday night. This kid was lecturing me on how we humans are destroying this planet and blaa blaa blaa and life is not worth living, we stopped at a traffic light at Wisconsin & M and I pointed out to some hotties to him in a VW convertible next to us and told him what he will be missing out of if he kills himself. "I don't know what the fuck will happen after we die, but the fact that there is a slight mathematical chance hell may exist, I don't know about you man, but it scares the shit out of me, if you kill yourself you are going straight to the oven while Mr. Devil is chilling, holding a cold one, watching the re-run on how you killed yourself on big ass plasma TV. And besides hell is a fucked up destroyed huge village and why would you want a one way ticket to get there? We already have one here, as might as well make the best out of it." I said jokingly trying to cheer him up. But this guy wasn't impressed by wise ass humor at all, he didn't say a word till we got to Old Town.

After he paid me including a generous tip, he said "You are the most disturbed cab driver I ever met in my life!" He slammed the door and walked away towards his apartment. Am I a disturbed individual? May be, Do I think this kid is going to kill himself? No, I don't think suicidal people mark their calendar to kill themselves like this kid was telling me that he might this summer. I think he is just confused, he needs to get laid every now and then. He will be just fine.


wil said...

The caption to your pic should read:

"Don't laugh. You're next."

lugosi said...

Huh? The guy is thinking about offing himself and he calls you disturbed!?!?! If that's not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.

Melissa Marie said...

The ones who announce it like that are usually just pulling a chain. I've had times where I've felt down like that, but hey--we're living in a Hell already and I prefer staying in the Hell that I know about.