Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In every guy's fantasy, on top of the list is having sex with two girls, I think you guys out there agree with me on this one. I kind of have my own little fantasy of two hot chicks making out in my back seat and being invited to their apartment and fuck our brains out. The chance of that happening? ZERO.

The lesbian women I always drive around in my cab like the one I had last night, all look like boys, in fact one of them was bigger than me, and I am 6' 2" 205lbs, I thought she was a guy until she started telling me where to go. I picked them up at Chadwicks in friendship heights, and they were making out until we got to 8th and Pennsylvania Avenue SE in capitol hill. It was like two dudes kissing and that wasn't appealing to me at all.

Where are those hot lesbians they have on porn movies? Is there anything called a lipstick lesbian? Do they exist in real life? If they do, I have never seen one. YET!


lugosi said...

If you have never seen the movie "Bound," check it out. Especially chapter 10 of the DVD.

Mad Cabbie said...

lugosi, I have seen that flick years ago, it was a pretty good one. My pants were down my ankles the whole time if you know what I mean.

DC Cab Rider said...

LOL, yes they exist. For a time at least. I worked with a woman who was a lipstick lesbian (the first time I'd heard the term). She was a hoot, always in for an after hours bar run or party. I left that job, and I didn't see or hear from her that often until last year.

When I got an invitation to her wedding. To a guy.

Mad Cabbie said...

I hope the new groom went over her resume', DCCR.

But I don't think lipstick lesbians are real gay, they just wanna bang some chicks till the right guy comes along.

I can feel a lot of hate mail coming my way!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have no idea how i came across this webpage. Anyway, I'd just like to say that i am, actually, a lipstick lesbian. I am petite, cute, wear pretty clothes and am only attracted to GIRLS of a similar nature. We may be few and far between, and you may never notice one because you could never guess that i was gay. But we do exist, promise!

Anonymous said...

i would also like to say i am a "lipstick lesbian" who is in a long term relationship with a "lipstick lesbian" who also has many "lipstick lesbian friends". i am so tired of males assuming just because we represent our selves in a particular way that its a joke that its not real. im sick of men yelling out and thinking its in any way sexual when im just walking down the street holding hands with my partner. its so disrespectful! and it hurts me to think that people think its ok to stereotype to the point where it becomes so taunting and mentally draining. i dont understand why some men choice to be dirty pigs, why cant they just keep there mouths shut and just show some respect! do we all have to look a certain way before we are excepted as something?