Thursday, June 08, 2006


I picked up a gentleman wearing an ugly brown suit with bad set of teeth in Adams Morgan. While on the way to National Airport, he asked me what the fare would be and I told him its some where around $18, and he paid me with two roll of quarters, God! Are things really bad out there? I have never came across a passenger paying me with coins after a trip to the airport. I hate that shit, I am superstitious about getting paid in coins, thanks God it was around the end of my shift. Anyhow this guy didn't give a shit, he didn't make any attempt to hide those hideous teeth either, he was talking, smiling and laughing his ass off. Mr.confidence was talking about his job, his last vacation and his wife. Poor wife, can you imagine kissing this dude? it's has to be a punishment.

I don't know which is more disturbing, getting paid in quarters? Or looking at his teeth? I guess I am going to have to flip a coin, since I have plenty of those.


lugosi said...

Quarters I don't mind TOO much, though I don't think I've ever had anyone hand me $20 worth all at once. It's the people who start counting out dimes and nickels that royally piss me off.

london_cabby said...

I got paid the £18 fare in 20 pence pieces once.