Thursday, September 30, 2010


When I pulled up at a red light at the corner of 17th and Massachusetts avenue, I noticed a cab driver outside his cab demanding his passengers to get out of his cab. So I got out of my cab to investigate the situation to learn that the Pakistani driver didn't like the idea of some dude trying to give a blow job to another dude. I just calmed everyone down and put the two love birds in to my cab, took them to Capitol Hill and made $15 out of that little drama.

Most cabbies I know don't mind if a guy and a girl blow off each other or a girl and a girl make out and do their thing in the back-seat, but male gay dudes are out of luck. Gay's are discriminated against even in a back-seat of a taxicab! Not in my cab, the back-seat of my cab could be an equal opportunity love shack.

I Pastor Joe the holy man don't give a shit, you can do it with your cat on the way to the vet for all I care, I know the Mad Cabbie feels the same way. When people want to do the nasty in the back of my taxicab, gay or straight, all I see is dollar signs! I will make you pay extra for your hornyness. The worst that can happen is I may throw up all over the dashboard while driving two gay dudes blowing each other off.


Pastor Joe.


Mad Cabbie said...

How did you know that the driver is Pakistani, Pastor?

Anonymous said...

Faggots are ruining America, let them burn in hell!

Blue Eyes

Anonymous said...

I forgot, Pakistanis are also stinking up America!

Blue Eyes

june in florida said...

Cash is king and dont leave a mess.