Monday, September 27, 2010


This past Saturday night I hooked up with old friends for few drinks at Saint-Ex on 14th street. We had good times and left around closing time but we continued to hang outside talking to some chics. 14th street was crowded, busy and people were scrambling and fighting for cabs. In fact at one point a fist fight almost broke between two groups when a cab pulled up to pick up some of the drunken clowns. While all this was going on I noticed one hot chic wearing an ultra miniskirt with her butt-cheek hanging out standing by herself waving helplessly trying to flag down a cab with no success. At least about ten empty cabs ignored her or past right by here and picked up the more lucrative group rides.

In DC a group cab ride costs additional $1.50 per extra passenger. For example if I pick up a group of five drunks, I can charge an extra $6 for the four extra retards, so the ride starts at $9 before you even shut the door. There are tons of group rides all over the place at that time of the night and picking up your lonely ass would not be profitable in the eyes of most DC cab drivers. Me personally I don't give a shit, I pull up for the first person or group I see regardless of where you go. It's not because I am Mr Nice Guy, it's because I am experienced enough to understand that by the end of the night making an extra $50 or $60 would not change my life the next day. And believe me karma could be a bitch, don't treat others like the way you don't want to be treated.

I walked up to the half naked girl who was almost in tears because she couldn't get a cab to take her home, and boy she smelled so nice! She told me couple of cabs pulled over and asked where she wanted to go, which is illegal to ask passengers destination in the first place but they pulled off when they learned that she wanted to go to Arlington Virginia. Look, I understand my fellow drivers frustration, with the mileage rate as low as they are, thanks to the ex mayor to be Fenty! Driving one person to Arlington for $10-$12 trip that could take up to 30-40 minutes by the time you come back where the action is, is not appealing at all. But are we supposed to punish the riding public for that? Of course not! We punished Fenty for sticking us with the lowest mileage rate in the region didn't we? We voted that bitch out! So any cabbies reading this blog, lets do the right thing!

So I gathered my friends around her and we flagged a cab down pretending to be group riders and we made sure she got in to the cab. Looking at the driver's reaction he wasn't too happy but he had no choice but to take her once she's in the cab. By the way I thought they hung Sadaam Hussein in Iraq! Sadaam is well and alive because that cabbie who drove that broad home was him or his twin brother or something.

So for you losers who go home alone after a night out on weekends, make sure you have your friends with you when you flag a cab, otherwise your ass could be out there waiting until dawn when the cab business slows down. And if this makes you feel any better, I was one of the losers who went home alone Saturday night but I just walked four blocks to my apartment.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


brokemoto said...

That is an old trick, Mad Cabbie. Never seen that one before, -eh?

Well, then, if you come back to Diamond's radio you can put an 'X' afer your number for a while.

Mad Cabbie said...

I never said it's a new trick Phil, but there are people out there who don't know. It's just a public service announcement!

Anonymous said...

Did the girl with the short skirt panic when a big brother like yourself approached her? Did she hold on to her bag pretty tight? You brothers make me nervous MC.

Blue Eyes

Anonymous said...

Mad, your mother raised you well!


Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks Moi, the old lady gave us a good German beat-down when we went out of line.

Anonymous said...

So it's illegal for the cabbie to ask me where I'm going? So the next time he asks where I'm going and I'm going way up Mass Ave. to AU, what should I tell him? Because they have a genuine dislike of driving up there and often refuse. So Mad Cabbie, what is the proper thing to do when they ask?

Mad Cabbie said...

The first thing you should do is get his cab id and number off the side door. If the driver asks you for your destination, you say "Yellow cab # xxx, if you refuse to take me where I wanna go, I will report you to DCTC and I have done it before!"

90 percent chance that he will take our ass to your ganja party at AU!