Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am ready to go to work right now (7:05pm). This is way too early, I normally come out around mid-night but there's too many things going on in the city I have a feeling that I am going to make shit load of cash. There are lot's of foreign speaking folks in town, I think we are getting invaded or something. So we will see what tonight has to offer! I am going to hit this Indian joint and have something to eat first, I am so hooked with Sushi, Indian, Ethiopian and Thai food! They got some good stuff man!

"Excuse me Mad Cabbie, what's a good night for a DC cabbie? $200? $300? $400? Do you know there are people who drop that kind of cash just to go out and dine! Don't you ever talk about making shit load of money driving a stupid cab you looser!"

Come on man! Why are you busting my balls? I am trying to live in my own little world! I don't care what other people make and spend! You believe this Jackass trying to ruin my night?

Please don't forget the homeless,

mad Cabbie.


brokemoto said...

You ought to do allright, Madster. There are many people in town. There is something going on at the Convention Centre, as well.

I dropped off a customer at National Airport Tuesday at about 1830. Upstairs there was a taxi starter in uniform. He walked up to me as I was schlepping the nice lady's suitcase to the sidewalk and informed me that I should go downstairs, but not get into line. He instructed me to pull to the kerb when I saw a starter in uniform.

I followed his directions. When I got to the lower level, there was a Red Flop, a Sun Cab (in other words, an illegal) and a D.C. Silver (another illegal, no doubt). An occasional cab was going through the line, but the starters were shooing them all forward. The waiting area was WALL to WALL PEOPLE. I got a fare Downtown in about two minutes, which was great, as Downtown was what I wanted. To be honest, Brookland or Woodridge would have been better, and I was hoping that someone in the line who lived here would have spotted the Diamond and hollered for it, but, failing that, Downtown suited me just fine. Two hours later, I finally got home; it took a fare to Silver Spring to get me there, though. I sneaked down Blair Road and went home.

THIS afternoon, the hotels had no cabs, nor were there many on the Hill to-day, either.

I listened to Goofy Tom on the radio after I let out my last passenger to-night at National. It was obvious that he had a table full of tickets and more piling up all the time.

So yeah, you ought to do allright, to-night.

FF said...

Screw the haters, you're spreading good karma around the District and we need that shit. Plus this blog is the best entertainment I got. Who needs cable, I got Mad.