Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Great question from a commenter at my last post:

"Hey Mad, great site. Question for you: what are the rules under the meter system for multiple trips, i.e., when a taxi picks up a group of passengers who get off at 2 or more stops, can the driver restart the meter at each stop? I don't believe he can -- it should be one fare for the entire ride -- but several cabbies have insisted that's not the case. Can you provide us some insight? "

This the deal my friend, The revolutionary Communist People's Republic of the District of Columbia decided to cap the fare within DC to a maximum of $19 just from point A to point B ONLY. So you can not fairly expect the driver to drop off your friends all over the city on a goose chase for $19. You are entitled to ride from one end of the city to the other as long as it is one pick up point and one destination regardless distance or traffic for $19 plus any extras.

When there are multiple trips involved, we are getting two different inputs from the Taxicab Commission, depending on which idiot you talk to.

#1- They say to use rate 2 which is technically illegal because it only applies to out of DC rides (Rate 2 is not capped at $19)
#2- Restart the meter after each passenger gets off, like the drivers you had have been doing.

The morons at the taxicab commission had zero study when they came up with this fare structure. Not only you are confused, not only I am confused, even the folks at the taxicab commission are confused as well. Maybe my ex-boss Phil who is a dispatcher and an old hippie will fill us in on the comment board.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie


Anonymous said...


I find it quiet outrageous that the D.C. government is becoming even more Socialist. It is even making me think and re-evaluate my vote come November, seeing that Obama is inclined to Socialism just like Mr. Fenty I think I might not vote the way I thought I would.


emf said...

Super glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

What do you care mad? You're running those super money trips at night! You don't even turn your meter on bro...


Philip said...

The fine for high-flagging is one-thousand bananas, there #419. Why do you think that Tesfaye the doorman can not sell those Dulles jobs any more? Even the black car drivers will not buy them, and they do not have to worry about high-flagging.

Wesley Heights to Union Station is where it's at, ba-beeee! Woodley Park to National is still good. I am convinced that if you can keep running Nationals, you will be best off. Keep the Dulles, just give me Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, Ward and Clowntown to National. If y'ain't got that, then Wesley to the Station is the way to go.

Anyhow, in answer to Madster's question, check www.dctaxi.dc.gov . Go to the meter regulations. It will tell you that you reset the meter after each drop off. It works like this: Three people board on Pennsylvania Avenue @
7th St., S.E. They announce that they are going to Bethune Hall, the Broadmoor and 4440 Albemarle St., N.W. On goes the meter. You arrive at Bethune; hit TIME OFF. Passenger one pays whatever the meter shows. Reset meter. Arrive at Broadmoor. Passenger two pays what is on the meter. Reset meter. Arrive at 4440 Albemarle. Passenger three pays what is on the meter. That is an ideal hypothetical situation. The reality is more like the same three people board the cab at the same place, but one is going to the Mayflower, one is going to 1325 18th St., N.W. and the last one is going to 1731 New Hampshire. You arrive at the Mayflower, passenger one pays what is on the meter. You reset the meter and proceed the three blocks to 1325 18 (DeSales, RI/M, N). Passenger two had a free ride for most of the way, but pays the peanuts that is on the meter. Passenger three gets a free ride for most of the way, as well, as all that he pays is the remaining six blocks to the Carlyle (Mass, P, Church, Q, Corcoran/NH, R). In most jurisdictions, the rules state specifically that if the last passenger out will pay, the meter stays on for one trip. Here, because of that nineteen dollar cap, it works this way. The public can still abuse the cap, but more on that in another reply.

And moi/anonymous, look out for the black helicopters and/or step vans at your door. I did not vote for Dear Revered Leader Kim il-Fenty of the People's Demokratik Progressive Authoritarian Party; either in the Primary or the General Election, so they should be at my door soon.

johnnypeepers said...

Phil straight up knows his shit. Baroke Obomb-U will lead us to the gates of salvation.

Lucky said...

wow, i'm jealous, you have a gas surcharge, and you get to reset the meter for each individual drop off?

you're one lucky dude

Philip said...

.........and each time that you reset the meter, you get the gasolene surcharge, again............

They give us a one dollar per trip surcharge. Where do you drive that they do not give you a surcharge? Almost every jurisdiction here has one. Many more around the country authorise one, as well.

peggy's mom said...

thanks for clearing up another dc taxi meter mystery!

and btw, wot is wrong with socialism? methinks you have a buncha diehard capitalists in your fan group, uncle mad...

bet they don't give one freakin dime to the homeless or one centavo more than the old 15% tip to the cabbies, either.

peggy's mom

Anonymous said...

Peggy's mom,

What is wrong with socialism?

"From each according to his capacity to each according to his need"

That is what is wrong with socialism, Capitalism when taken to the extreme could have some problems but Socialism at any level is bad. Why do you think we have the one of the worst school systems in DC?


Philip said...

Socialism is slavery rationalised.