Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This Cuban masterpiece titled "CHAN CHAN" brings tears to my eyes whenever I listen to it. YES I CRY! I may look like a bad ass motherfucker who is capable of stabbing your grandma sitting on a wheelchair, but no sir! I am a big pussy!

The guy who wrote this piece, Compay Segundo is one of the world's musical treasures so is the other Cuban legend Ibrahim Ferrer and a fellow Buena Vista member. Sadly they both died few years ago. I hope the United States will lift this stupid ass travel embargo one of these days, the policy is doing nothing but hurting poor Cubans and depriving us from visiting an island that is rich in culture. If the US is supporting and financing corrupted dictators and murderers like Egypt's Houssini Mubarak, Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi and the Saudi royal families etc... What's wrong for Americans to go down to a weak Cuba, spend our dollars, listen to good music and smoke a couple of fat ones?

"I didn't compose Chan Chan, I dreamed it. I dream with the music. I sometimes wake up with a melody on the head, I hear the instruments, all very clear. I look over the balcony and I see nobody, but I hear it as if it was played on the street. I don't know what it was. One day I woke up listening to those four sensible notes, I put them a lyric inspired on a children tale from my childhood, Juanica y Chan Chan, and you see, now it's sung everywhere."
Compay Segundo

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


traderlow said...


Lugosi said...

They need to lift that damn Cuban embargo as of yesterday. In another six months it will no longer matter; no American will be able to afford to travel.

Peggy said...

I never understood why the embargo wasn't lifted when the USSR disolved.

Gish said...

Mad, where I came from (Ethiopia) there were Cubans who used to live around us and they always listen to these kinds of music. Now that I listen to it on your blog, you brought back some memories...