Thursday, July 17, 2008


My very last ride before we switched to the meter system was someone famous. It was early Sunday morning few months agoand the last job of my Saturday night shift. I was dispatched by "Redneck Tom" to a house in Chevy Chase to pick up this black chic and take her to National Airport. If my memory serves me correctly I think she was on the 80's sit-com "The Jefferson's".

"Mad! you fucken IDIOT! This lady is Gwen Ifill from News Hour on PBS, and she is one of the top high profile news chics in the country! She even moderates presidential debates you retard!"

"Calm down dude, I don't know what PBS is, so leave me alone! Good thing I didn't ask her what her days on the "Jefferson's" was like."

By the way Gwen, how about sharpening on your tipping skills? You can do better than 5.4% can't you? I know you are a poor woman who lives in a $1million plus house in Chevy Chase, but still let's get with the program!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...


I just love your satire dude!

Keep it up!


diamond 419 said...

Black chics are the worst tippers but they are better than those fucking French tourists though!

Anonymous said...

MAD CABBIE, I don't think you are black in the first place.
You are one of those white idiots with a good education for nothing, ending up doing no good dead-end jobs and you can't stand it when you see successful black people doing well in society. When you encounter one, you try to put them down and embarrass them on your little stage.
I hope I will read about on the papers one morning of you being another statistics in the city and may you rot in hell Mad Cabbie.

Lugosi said...

PBS is that thing women get once a month.

Philip said...

That was not the last Zone Trip, Madster, that was the last non-metered trip. The last time that a trip to National Airport from the City was a Zone Trip was 1947.

It would have been eight zones, if she lives above what was the Nebraska Avenue/Military Road Zone Line. If she lives below that, it would have been seven.

And anonymous, he is only taking her to task for being a lousy tipper, not for being a black woman who lives in Chevy Chase. Read the post. Why is it that when someone says or writes something that just does not sit quite right with someone he is automatically a racist? People are getting tired of walking on eggshells around everyone and everything.

Black women, as a rule, tip me acceptably: a dollar or two on most City trips, which is about average. The number who flat me is about the same as the number who tip me better than average. I have no complaints.

As for wishing Mad Cabbie to be a statistic, you should be ashamed of yourself...............

johnnypeepers said...

Gwen is living in a fat million dollar crib paid for with tax-payer money? Schlitz, I need to move to D.C. and get on the government teet. I guess when you high-rollin like that it is easy to lose sympathy for the commoner. She do need to ditch that wig though. How she gonna get a man with that Weezey wig?

Anonymous hatas get the gas-face!

Anonymous said...

great! love it.

m.e. said...

thanks for the smile, mad.

may the angels guide and keep you.

and may anonymous get back on his/her meds....

peggy's mom

Xtreme English said...

i'm still trying to figure out just how much fare was involved and then 5.4% of that. my guess is that the far for all those zones plus all the added charges from chevy chase to the airport would be about $18 or $19, and she gave you a $20 and told you to keep the change. heh...


peggy's mom

DC Cab Rider said...

Was the ride worth a tip, Mad? ;)