Friday, July 25, 2008


Leslie in Adams Morgan who has a nice blog about books asked this question,

"Answer sometime how cab drivers generally feel about picking up passengers with their cats in carriers going to the vets. I'm always scared shitless my cat will pee in the cab and fast him in advance just to be sure he won't but always feel like the cab driver regrets picking me up.

What's your take, Mad Cabbie?"

The DC law as far as I know is that cabbies can refuse to transport passengers with pets with the exception of seeing-eye dogs. Besides your kitty cat peeing and messing up the cab, drivers come from different background of cultures and faith that may not be friendly to pets especially dogs.

The best thing to do when you have to travel with your pet is to call for a cab instead of flagging one, and make sure you tell the operator that you have a cat in a carrier or whichever the case may be. If your pet is without a carrier, be thoughtful to have a towel or some kind of cloth that you can lay across the seat. The reason I said you better off calling a cab company is due to the fact that the dispatcher will give the call only to a driver who doesn't mind to have pets in his cab, and you don't have to worry about it at all.

So next time you pay a visit to the Friendship Animal Hospital, call Diamond Cab Co @ (202)387-6200 and Mad Cabbie's ugly ass may show up at your door especially if it is three in the morning.

P.S Be aware in some cab driver's cultures cats are nice piece of gourmet meat, so holding on to your cat nice and tight may be a good idea.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

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Lugosi said...

Tempted as I might be, I'm going to restrain myself and not make a joke about "eating pussy."

Peggy said...

If our cat is in his carrier, he'll "hold it! until we get home. If he is allowed to be in the car without his carrier, he'll pee. So he is always in the carrier no matter how much he yowls.

Our dog behaves in cars BUT she does leave hair and we can't control that more than making certain she is bathed and brushed more often.

Do YOU have pets Mad?

m.e. said...

don't forget, too, if you're thinking about picking up another rider when you've got someone with a cat that some people are wildly allergic to cats. five or 10 minutes in a car with a cat can give some people an allergy attack. (yeah, that would be me.)

peggy's mom