Friday, March 07, 2008


"D.C. cabbies are some of the worst people on earth. This morning I hailed a cab, he drove me three blocks and then told me to get out because I "smelled like garlic." I am a 31 year old woman, a business professional - who took a shower this morning, like every morning and haven't been near garlic all week. I was on my way to work on Eye Street from Georgetown. I had minor surgery earlier this week and am having trouble walking - which is why I needed the cab. The horrible driver kicked me out and was incredibly verbally and physically rude to me. I really cannot tell you how much I hate cabbies right now. You are just awful people - cheating passengers and being rude. Go to hell, all of you."

By an anonymous commenter from my last post.

During my cab driving experience I had my share of stinking passengers, but only once I had to kick out a passenger out of my cab. This dude I picked up smelled like a toilet, It felt like I was transporting a pile of shit and that smelly jackass wanted to go all the way to Springfield, Va. I managed about couple of minutes of driving but I couldn't take the torture anymore, so I kicked his ass out at 14th and Pennsylvania. It was a very cold night but I had to drive with all of my windows rolled down freezing my ass off to let the shitty smell out. Even after I did all that my next passenger said my cab smelled like shit!

My theory on this woman is: There is no way the cabbie would kick her out without a reason on that particular run. The run from Georgetown to I street is an easy 5 minutes, short two zones ride that pays $9.80 which is a dream run for a DC cabbie. Why would he shortchange himself from a lucrative fare unless her breath really smelled real bad? Most people with bad breath problems don't know that they have the condition unless someone with iron balls like the cabbie she had yesterday tell them so.

Maybe it's a wakeup call for our showered and clean 31 year old business professional woman to see her doctor and get her garlic breath checked out. I hope she will read this post! But at the same time the cab driver should have taken that awful smell for five minutes and drove her ass to her office and made that easy money!

What's your theory?

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


lizzie said... theory is that she's never read your blog. and making a blanket statement about a group of people (i.e. 'you are just awful people') is completely rude and inappropriate.

granted, i don't think i smell. but every cabbie i've encountered has been mostly pleasant. except for that one guy who nearly killed me on rock creek parkway. but he's an exception, not the rule.

Mad Cabbie said...

Thanks Lizzie, and I forget to mention 99% of our passengers smell just fine.

Peggy said...

You will find that my mother and I are always freshly washed and minty fresh, unless we switch from mojitos to margaritas. ;-)

DC Cab Rider said...

Does remind me of the cab I got into one hot summer day and wished I'd gotten right back out of. I kept rolling the window down so I could breathe, and he kept saying he had AC on and rolling it back up.

Thank goodness it was a short ride!

Pastor Joe said...

Come on Zebra! He couldn't beat that chick you had couple of years ago who started shaving her arm pits in your cab! Remember what you told me about the odor? Didn't you throw her in a ditch or something?

Thanks for your help yesterday big man!

Lugosi said...

Years ago I picked up two guys in Clifton. It was about a 15 minute ride to some party. Problem was, these guys smelled just horrible, like neither of them had bathed in almost a week. I had to drive with the windows down, which I hardly ever do.
After I dropped them off, the car smelled so bad I just couldn't work any more. Frankly, I was worried that any other passengers I got that evening might think it was ME who smelled that bad.
I kept my windows down on the way home. And when I parked the car, I left all the windows open an inch or so.
The next morning I got in the car, and guess what? The smell was still there. Not nearly as bad as the night before, but it was still noticeable.

freddybeach cabby said...

Ive had my share of smelly passengers over the years, but Ive never kicked one out. I just get them to where they're going as fast as I can and then spray some heavy duty air freshener I carry with me. But to clump all taxi drivers into one big worthless group like she did is bad form.

Lucy Honeychurch said...

She's awfully defensive. I think she probably is already aware of the problem; just hated being called on it.

G.S. said...

Have you ever had a catalytic converter that was going bad? It smells like a fart, so the passenger thinks it's the driver and, if the driver's not aware of the source of the odor, he thinks it's the passenger!