Friday, August 05, 2011


I was cruising down Connecticut avenue one night near Uptown Theater when I was flagged down by a tall blond woman. When I say tall, real tall, like six feet and change and very attractive too. Usually very tall girls have horse faces but this chic was hot and curvy at the right places. There was a short dude standing next to her, I thought for a while he was her son or something. He was at least six inches shorter than her with a very boyish look.

They wanted to go the Russia House and as soon as I started driving she was all over him, her hand between his legs and lips locked. I didn't know what to do, I was like should I call the child protective service or something, or should I flag down one of the cops off the street? This woman is raping this young boy! After a few minutes the guy asked me if I was doing okay, I was relieved that he turned out to be an adult. He really sounded much older than he looked so I stopped looking for cops. We started talking and bull-shitting, and the funny thing was, she kept rubbing his crotch while she was explaining the plot of the Harry Potter movie to me. She didn't stop massaging his pipe until we got to the Russia House.

That midget got to have a huge snake between his legs, because I know for a fact that very tall girls don't go for dudes with small wieners.

"How did you know that fact Mad? Does it mean you're packing a tiny belly-button in your pants and got dumped quite a few times by tall chics?" 

Shut up you idiot, I am not discussing the size of my penis on this family oriented blog! Trying to embarrass me in front of my fans?

So after I dropped them off I....

"Hi, my name is Trish and I am an alcoholic. I dated Mad Cabbie few years ago, and I loved his 6' 3" frame but I laughed my ass off when he took off his clothes and I saw his..." 

Sorry to cut you off Trish, but we are out of time and I must end this post NOW.

When is the FBI going to start criminal investigation of councilman Harris Thomas Jr?

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie


Anonymous said...

For a cab driver you are a fucken genius the way you tell stories...keep it up.

I agree with you, big tall women like men that are well endowed. Big hole to fill in!

Anonymous said...

That thing about all tall chicks' only doing hung like King Kong guys is another story that may spark a discussion or two, but a story is all that it is.

Yes, all you Size Queens out there, I know, I know, but your preference is similar to those who prefer whipped butter over regular, Lucky Strike to Marlboro or Heineken to Crudweiser. Each chick is different. It is difficult to group them by preference with respect to body type.

Take fat chicks. The prevailing 'wisdom' is that they are so desperate, that they will take ANYthing with the desired plumbing. I have known more than one fat chick who was more choosy than some supermodels, and GOT what she wanted.

I have also known more than one with a supermodel figure who would take ANYthing that she could get.

Anyhow, in case you missed the reply to your previous post(s), in reference to your 'Karthago est delenda', there is a movement afoot on the ya-HOO Brookland listServe to start a recall drive against the current Occupant (choice of vocabulary deliberate) of the Ward Five Council Seat. According to DC Election Law, a recall movement can not do too much during the first year or last year of the term of any Gubbamint Offishull who is subject to recall. Petitons can not be circulated, contributions can not be solicited, Campaign Financing reports can not be filed, and the like.

I can understand the reasoning behind the latter. By the time all is said and done during the last year of an Ofishullz' term, it will be close enough to Election Day that the Good Voters of the District of Columbia can issue to the Inkompitint/Kaahruppd Ofishull the Ultimate Recall: bounce him out of Office (WITNESS: what happened to His Exalted Supremacy, Adri-Amin Felonty). The reasoning behind the former escapes me.

As Baby Harry is still in the first year of his current term, there is little that the Good Voters or Ward Five can do legally to get rid of him, for now, at least. The day after the anniversary of his swearing-in, however, is ANOTHER matter.

Mad Cabbie said...

But you know what, recall is not good enough! I want that thief to be criminally investigated and face justice. I can't understand why they didn't force him to resign as a part of the civil settlement just blows my mind. Mr UNO-UNO-TRES-X! You and I are most likely qualified to get a medallion but I don't want it if comes on the expense of thousands of our fellow drivers. I don't know how you feel about it, but that bill is written in a way that one Jew and few corrupted niggers like Harry Thomas Jr could get rich over night! If they want to bring in a medallion system give all of the current drivers a fare chance to get the piece of the pie....not limiting the number to 4000 and sell another 4000 through the back door!

Anonymous said...

It escapes me why they did not force him to resign or press a criminal matter, either. Maybe they think that it will cost too much money.

The best that we, the voters or Ward Five can do is to recall him. We can not throw him in jail, we can not fine him, but we can kick him out of office.

As to medallions, SOMETHING needs to be done. There are too many cabs. The Authorities tolerated the unlicenced drivers, for years. Not only did they not take enforcement action against them, they gave them hack faces. What was an illegal five years back now has a hack face. Still, plenty of unlicenced drivers have stepped up to take the places of the former illegals.

Many misinterpereted my letter to the Editor that the Official Organ of the Compulsionist/Socialist Party of the Nanny States of America (bKA the WASHINGTON POST) published. I stated specifically that the bill, as it was, needed work. I have stated numerous times, both on and off record that I do not favour the bill, as it is. I favour the concept of medallions, now that we have Dear Revered Leader Kim il-Fenty's Idiot Boxes. I do not favour putting out of work someone who has been out here for a number of years simply because he lives in the suburbs. Four thousand cabs is not enough. Twice that is, however, too many. I would favour the issuing of a medallion to anyone who had a DCTC on 1 April, 2006, or whatever that cutoff date was in Graham's bill. I will concede the possibility that it might be necessary to tweak that date, but whatever the date is, there is no need for any more than six thousand cabs in this City.

I will get the medallion that I want, under the bill, as it is. I have had a hacking face since 1982 and can produce more than five years worth of income tax returns. When some of us went to talk to the various Council Members about Graham's bill, we put forth the idea that the City Council, not the DCTC, should determine the price of the medallions. We proposed a substantial discount for those who had been out here twenty years, or better, a substantial discount for District residents, a slight discount for those who had been out there ten to twenty years. The corportations and those who had less than ten years would have to pay. Most of the Council Members were sympathetic to that idea. One or two guys managed to by-pass Loza and get directly to Graham, who was reported to be sympathetic. What finally came down was that the Council thought that twenty five years or better would get a substantial discount, District residents would get a substantial discount and fifteen to twenty five years would get a slight discount. Thus, if you were a District resident with twenty five years, or better, you would pay next to nothing for your medallion.

As for these newcomers, I have little sympathy or care for the majority of them. To be sure, there are some decent guys amoung the newcomers (two of them that I know are in Diamond; Schaeffer has a few, as well). The majority of them have no respect for anyone or anything. They have been out here for years driving without hack faces taking away my customers from me thus taking medicine away from Deena. I show them no respect and will show them none until they learn some respect for the public and their fellow drivers.

Wells stated that he was not in favour of the medallions (that is DIFFERENT from being opposed, mind you). He kept changing his tune as to when he was going to hold hearings. Now, he has been bounced from that Committee. Cheh is currently in charge of that Committee. She is the only Council Member who has come out as opposed to the medallions. I suspect that no medallion bill will get out of that Committee as long as she chairs it. To be sure, the Council could do an end run and send it to a different Committee, much as it did after Carol Schwart refused to let the Nanny State anti-smoking bill out of her Committee for several years.