Friday, August 26, 2011


Bunch of us put a little cash together and play the annual death pool and I have my five picks for this year for you.

Rush Limbaugh
Dick Cheney
Betty White
Dennis Rodman
Nelson Mandela

I almost won last year by picking Rush "To Eat" Limbaugh but that dickhead survived, but your time has come motherfucker! Sorry I didn't post at all this week, I am getting ready to leave for vacation this afternoon. I am going to a place where I don't have to worry about hurricane Irene, I hope the planes will takeoff later!

I never beg people to comment on this blog but please give me your five pick!

And when is the FBI going to start criminal investigation of councilman Harris Thomas Jr?

Stay safe everyone and please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Mad Cabbie I have been a fan ever since you started this blog but never commented: So here are my picks:-

Kieth Richards
Queen Elizabeth
Lindsay Lohan
Jerry Springer
Alec Baldwin (he's getting fat everyday!)


Anonymous said...

Chris Mathews
Kieth Oberman
Ed Shultz
Sean Penn
Jane Fonda

Go Buchmann 2012

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson
Al Sharpton
Jay z
Maxim Waters
Al Green

Blue Eyes

Anonymous said...

Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder
And Dan Snyder

Pissed off Redskins fan:

Mad Cabbie you rock dude, have a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker, first time commenter. My five:

1. Jimmy Carter
2. Steve Jobs
3. Louis CK
4. Britney Spears
5. Stephen King

Anonymous said...

I am with Anonymous@6:24

1. Steve Jobs
2. Jimmy Carter
3. Kirk Douglas
4. William Shatner
5. Fidel Castro

Thanks for all the laughs Mad Cabbie, have a good time where ever you are going and don't do I wouldn't do,


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

It would be a very remote chance but these are my list;

Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Michelle Buchmann
Rick Perry
Herman Cain

Go Obama 2012


Anonymous said...

James Earl Carter

Nelson Mandela

Moammar Ghedaffi

Michael Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Norodom Sihanouk

Anonymous said...

Mine consist of a group of fat hollywood actors who still get the hot young love interest.

1. Jack Nicholson
2. Jack Black
3. Alec Baldwin
4. Robert Di Nero
5. Kevin James

Love your blog Mad Cabbie,


Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton
Nicky Hilton
Kourtney Kardashian
Khloé Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Anonymous said...

Clint Eastwood
Charlie Sheen
Lindsay Lohan
Pope Benedict
Desmond Tutu

One of these is a lock Mad Cabbie!

Anonymous said...

Phil the dispatcher
Mel the Indian bookkeeper/Diamond's mgr.
Sam-the lot hustler @ Diamond Cab
Hank cab# 28
Charlie cab# 143

Mad, when Charlie dispatched back in the days, he made Phil look like a holy-man, he was one rude mother-fucker.


Anonymous said...

1-Queen Elizabeth
2-Dick Clark
3-James Baker
4-Bob Dole
5-Helen Thomas

Mad Cabbie, I work in the Hill, I wonder if you've drove me somewhere before in your cab. I assume it would be entertaining. Great blog!


Anonymous said...

Al Pacino
Kevin Spacey
Ed Harris
Julia Roberts
Meg Ryan

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Harry Thomas Jr
Marion Barry
John Ray
Andrew Sheffer
Tommy Wells

Anonymous said...

Bernie Madoff
Joan Rivers
Rosie O'Donnell
OJ Simpson
Roseanne Barr

Come back soon Mad Cabbie!

Anonymous said...

Randy Quaid:
Stephen Hawking:
Larry King:
Mel Gibson:
Jimmy Carter

Anonymous said...

1.Roger Ebert
2.Nancy Reagan
3.Courtney Love
4.Christopher Hitchens
5.Steve Jobs

Anonymous said...

Joe Jackson
Barbara Bush
Maya Angelou
Warren Buffet
Fidel Castro

Anonymous said...

Mitch McConnell
John Boinner
Sean Hanety
Bill O'Reilly
Glen Beck


Anonymous said...

Somebody put him on the list. He did not die, but he did suffer a political wound.

Mel is not in charge at Diamond any more.

David Nezhad is now in charge. Some of you will know him from managing the garage.

James Caviness is now Chief Dispatcher. Some of you will know him from dispatching at midnight; more recently some six to midnight shifts.

A bit Off Topic, but news none the less,

Anonymous said...

More cab news:

David Nezhad is now out at Diamond. Hazim Ibrahim, a driver who has been at Diamond since 1965 is now in charge. Ali, the driver of #206 will be assisting him, for the present and is supposed to take over for Mr. Ibrahim at some point. Ali is a relative of the Mourtaza brothers, but I am not sure what the relationship is. The story goes the ten drivers went out to Walker's, last week, to protest Nezhad. Next, twenty to thirty went out there Monday for the same purpose. Walker told them to choose someone. They chose Hazim and Ali.

Mel remains as accountant. For the present, James Caviness is still Chief Dispatcher.

The DCTC had planned to vote in the horrid reforms to Title Thirty One to-day (21 September). Two drivers' associations filed suit Monday. The Commission Meeting is slated to go as scheduled, to-day. Reportedly, Mayor Gray is concerned about this and has told the Commission not to enact the changes. Reprotedly, he is mindful of the article in the Wall Street Urinal which asserted that the cab drivers had a hand in ousting Fenty; he has no desire to suffer the same fate.

Much remains to be seen both at Diamond and the Commission

Anonymous said...

More breaking news at Diamond:

The new Management at Diamond fired Alberta, the long-time Head Operator, at approximately 1300 Friday. I do not know if they gave her a reason. If they did give her a reason, I do not know what it was. Caviness is still Chief Dispatcher, at this posting.

Anonymous said...

more breaking news at Diamond:

Caviness got the axe as Chief Dispatcher at Diamond, yesterday, the 28th at about 6 PM. As a consequence, he has quit as a dispatcher. As of this posting, there is now no Chief Dispatcher or Head Operator at Diamond.

Who's next.........?

Xtreme English said...

hey, mad! i'm not getting into the pool, but there are five of those tea partyin' mofo's upon whose graves i would be dancing! as would anyone with a heart & a brain.

be that as it may, wot's going on at diamond? that used to be THE taxicab company in DC. they'd be there almost before you could hang up the phone. the operators were sweethearts. drivers, too......

hope you're having a wonderful vacation!

peggy's mom

John said...

Come on.
Have you got writers cramp?

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like the FBI was actually investigating Harry Thomas Jr. Hopefully we will receive some results soon from the raid.

Anonymous said...


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Navarre Shuttle said...

Barney Frank
John Stewart
Chris Dodd
Ben Bernanke
John Beinner

John said...

Perhaps Mad has been caught by the FBI ?
Happy new year if you are still sipping a Jeamason ?

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a happy new year Mad. Hope you will have a post or two this year.


John said...

Happy St.Patricks day to you Mad.
LONG TIME no hear !