Friday, March 16, 2012


I was away from cab driving for over six months, and the very day I returned to Diamond Cab, the owner of the company dropped dead! What the fuck???

I was shocked to learn the company finally upgraded the dispatch system in to the new digital age! STOP THE PRESS! STOP THE PRESS! There is something called a COMPUTER at Diamond's dispatch room. I stopped by the office the other day to get the computer installed in my cab but there was no one knowledgeable to do the job for me!!! I heard they fired the person who made all this possible, I don't even know who runs the company.

I had a real job for the last six months which I will talk about it in the future. One of my old classmates threw me a bone and hired me for his project at the Department of Agriculture. I enjoyed the work but the atmosphere was pretty boring. No gun-shots, no hookers, no stabbings, everyone is so nice! Fuck that shit man, I want my comfort zone back. I am just not built to sit at one place and work, I feel like I missing out on something, like getting robbed and shit. The minute they start talking about hiring me for permanent position, I ran for the hills! 

"You are a typical looser Mad Cabbie! You are self-sabotaging yourself all a way to your grave!"

What ever dude, I hope you didn't forget the homeless while I was absent.

Mad Cabbie 


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!

Anonymous said...

I was reading your "comeback post" in Mexico City, Mexico. Then there was an earthquake, Im ok, but I would have died laughing. Blog about your "internship"

Anonymous said...

Also the owner of Diamond Cab may have dropped dead because he owed you some money, thought you were gone forever, then you came back.

Anonymous said...

welcome back cabbie! i was in DC for binnness a month or so ago - kept hoping i would get you as a driver. i will say this tho, and i forgot it having been out of DC for so long, but DC cab drivers are some of the best informed cab drivers in the world. they love them some NPR and enjoy intelligent discussion.

yay! you are back!

Anonymous said...

Hey man send your email address or phone unmber and I will tell you about what happened in Diamond cab co. while you were gone.

Mad Cabbie said...

My email address is