Monday, May 25, 2009


I have known all along that this cracker would come back. The master hacker His Excellency Pastor Joe will be back in the cockpit of his cab some time this week. I can not tell you how excited I am, this motherfucker taught me everything I know. I do believe he is the best hacker in this city and Washingtonians are lucky to have him back on the streets.

I think Pastor Joe is the only cabbie who hangs out around DC jail to pick up his regular clients, even Mad Cabbie has his limits.

Welcome back Pastor!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Pastor, it's about time a white brother representing this blog.

Blue Eyes.

John said...

MC I hope he will be back on the blog too.
You have had it your own way tooo long.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Pastor, I hope you post some good stuff cause Mad is only posting once a week these days.


Anonymous said...

Burn in hell Pastor.

Pastor Joe said...

Thanks Zebra, I have got all my shit ready to dance. I will be out thursday night and see what's up.

For the gentleman/lady who wants me to burn in hell, I am burning between my legs already, I need some action this weekend!

DC Cab Rider said...

Hey Mad - welcome back to you as well.

brokemoto said...

Madster, thanks for your comment on the DC Cab Rider blog. I posted a reply there. Take a look, if interested.

brokemoto said...

Mad Cabbie, Pastor Joe and all you other cab drivers out there, yes, even you Anonymous Ex Diamond Driver, be careful out there.

There is a crook who is robbing cab drivers in Brightwood. He got one on Thirteenth and Tuckerman and Thirteenth Place and Aspen. The only description is that he is a black male who wears a black mask and carries a black and orange bag. I am guessing that he puts on the black mask after he gets in, as any driver who picks up someone who is wearing a mask is begging to be robbed and/or hurt.

One of the Schaeffer drivers told me that there is some white thug on H Street, N.E. who hails cabs, produces a gun immediately upon entering the cab, taking the money and jumping and running. The driver saw a Hack Inspector at the Barber Shoppe on H Street; the Hack Inspector told him about the crook.

So, be careful out there anywhere that you may go, but be especially careful in Brightwood and on H Street, N.E.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't rob mad cabbie, they are his cousins! A white robber in DC? Come on Brokemoto, are things really that bad?

Blue Eyes

brokemoto said...

Did someone tell you, there, Blue Eyes, that white people do not engage in common thuggery? Whoever told you that was telling you a story. Non-whites do not have a monopoly on common thuggery.

Oh, and if you think that I am posting the above because I am a guilty white liberal, you are sadly mistaken. The Owner of this blog will confirm that if you are looking for a guilty white liberal, do not look at this white boy.

Some twenty-five years back, there was this white guy who was hitting cabs in Arlington, Bethesda and Silver Spring, and the City, but with an asterisk. He would get into the cab and instead of giving the driver an address or corner, he would do one of these "I'll show you" routines. He did get caught.

His story was that he tried to do hail City cabs, but the drivers would not go for the "I'll show you" business. He said that they told him to get out if he could not give them an address or intersection. He allowed that he was baffled by the attitude of the City drivers, as he would have thought that they would need the fare.

He did some asking around, and learned that while fares were fairly easy to find in the City, it was harder to come by them in the suburbs. Thus, the suburban drivers, being more desperate for a fare, might be a bit more 'forgiving'. So he started hitting the hotel and subway stands in Rosslyn, Crystal City, Bethesda and Silver Spring. He also did ply his nefarious trade in the City, but he would approach a suburban cab and ask to be taken to 'Bethesda' or 'Alexandria' and "I'll show you".

He finally got popped by the Arlington Police, because the driver who picked him up in the City got tired of the "I'll show you" and started asking questions. The crook pulled out his gun and told the driver to shut up and drive. The driver got nervous en route, ran a red light and a Police just happened to see it. The Police pulled over the cab driver who jumped out and hollered that the passenger had a gun. So ended the career of a cab robber.

I wanted the Judge to allow the robbed drivers to pick his cellmate once he was sentenced. I had in mind a rather large, built like a fullback guy, with an Intelligence Quotient of about seventy-six, serving a long sentence with a long wait for parole consideration, who was VERY mean and VERY, VERY lonely.

John said...

Pastor and MC I cannot hold my breath any more.


brokemoto said...

The Police arrested the Thriteenth and Tuckerman cab robbing thug at about 1800 yesterday in the 500 block of Ingraham St., N.W. The Police report that a witness made a positive identification.

Thank You, Fourth Precinct Police!

Redhead said...

to brokemoto - Thank God the 4th ward police did something. That's my neck of the woods.

to the cabbies - Where are you? I miss my cabbie goodness.

brokemoto said...

The Police in the Fourth Precinct are pretty good about chasing down criminals who rob cab drivers.

A few years back, there was this guy whom everyone called the Petworth bandit. He would hail a cab, tell you that he had to go to this house and pick up his girlfriend, then go downtown. When you got to the block where he told you that his girlfriend lived, out came the gun. He pulled most of his jobs in a rectangle that was roughly Sixteenth Street, Georgia Avenue, Nicholson Street and Varnum Street. He did pull a couple around Thirteenth or Fourteenth and Sheridan and one across Georgia from WRAMC and there was another one in Takoma, but most of his jobs were in the quadrangle that I described. He kept eluding the Police, and it made them unhappy, so they decided that they were going to get this guy.

They even sent an Officer and a Detective down to a Taxicab Commission meeting to address the drivers and commissioners. He never got me, but I knew a couple of guys that he did get, so I knew to look out.

They did catch the guy. I wanted to be on a Board that got to pick his cellmate. I had in mind a guy built like a fullback, who was in for a long time and had many years before he was up for parole. I wanted the cellmate to be a chronic rule violator, so that he did not get time off for good behaviour. And this cellmate would have to be very mean, VERY, VERY lonely and work out with barbells every day.

I doubt that such would happen, but it would be great if it did.
It would be wonderful if the word got out that if you messed with a cab driver, you got raped in jail.