Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I was parked and chilling outside the Channel Inn in south west eating an apple until I was interrupted by this kid who was riding his bike. He sneaked up next to me and scared the shit out of me.

ME: What the fuck is wrong with you, you little fuck! Don't you ever sneak up on me like that!
CJ: Sorry Mad, I haven't seen you in a long time, I thought you quit driving a cab!
ME: No CJ I had to be with my dad for a while, he passed away a couple of month ago.
CJ: He got killed or something?
ME: NO! You dumb fuck! My dad died of cancer, you little piece of shit!

I really don't blame CJ for thinking that my dad may have been killed by someone. In his world every dead person he knows was shot and killed by gun violence.

CJ is a short 5 feet nothing 18 year old who dropped out of school three years ago. A classic ghetto tale, father doing time, mother on food stamps living in a section 8 development off Delaware avenue and all that good stuff. Quite a few times I tried to get him in to some programme so he could take his GED test but I never succeeded. CJ is a small time hustler with a "Scarface" dream, so education is not on top of his priority list.

ME: So what are you up to these days CJ? What are you doing up two in the morning?
CJ: You know the drill, trying to get paid! You know what I'm saying?
ME: You better get your shit straight CJ!
CJ: it's rough out here Mad, Niggers popped Skippy few months ago you know!
ME: Skippy? Is he that fat kid who walks funny?
CJ: Yes that's him! They smoked his ass in Baltimore.
ME: I am surprised he lived this long! What is he 22 or 23?
CJ: Some shit like that! Listen Mad, can you help on that GDE thing?
ME: First, It's GED you ass wipe! Second, I am done with you! Do your own shit!
CJ: I promise, I won't fuck up this time Mad!
ME: CJ, just go to a fucken library, they will give you all the information you need.
CJ: It's like that uh?
ME: I had it with you CJ, now leave me alone and let me eat this stupid apple.

Cj got irritated and took off with his bicycle but he came right back to deliver a piece of his mind.

"You're full of shit Mad! I don't need a fucken GED! You have a college degree, but look at you, you're a fucken sorry ass cab driver! PUNK!!!"

CJ disappeared in to the darkness and I didn't have any response to the torpedo he just fired my way, he wouldn't understand anyways.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

The fat kid who walks funny!

He reminds me of some kid who I grew up with.

Blue Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Blue Eyes,

Maybe this is some sort of inside joke and I'm on the outside, but, uhh, I think a lot of us grew up with fat kids that walked funny.


Very interesting post. Trying to help people who are unwilling to help themselves is very frustrating. I can't imagine growing up with the life that CJ probably did. How did you meet CJ in the first place?


Pastor Joe said...

How Mad met CJ? I think he used to do CJ's crackhead mother! Didn't you Mad?

Mad, I am sorry Skippy died! That motherfucker was fast and delivered the goods. He always carried one of those 3 liter ghettocola with him no matter what!

Mad Cabbie said...

Blue Eyes I thought you WERE that fat kid!

Mike, your's truly knows all the shady people in this town.

Pastor, I remember on time I went to CJ's apartement to have her sign CJ's document for me, she came out half naked! Her floppy tits were all way down to her belly botton! That was hot man!

Anonymous said...

I heard you guys started to get all kind of good calls in the morning ever since they got rid of Phillip's wife!


Mad Cabbie said...

X Diamond Driver, come on man, let it go dude! Stop with the personal attacks. The only person you can attack on this blog is Rush Limbaugh!

matt said...

Dude! You are a great story teller. I loved this post.


Anonymous said...

You want to police what we say on this comment box now Mad???

Ex Diamond Driver