Thursday, May 14, 2009


Look at the new face of the Republican Party! A sexually confused fat man if you notice carefully the way he is sucking on that stupid cigar, He likes it big too!

I thought I was the only one who found the Wanda Sykes "I hope his kidney fails!" line very funny. Everyone is like "she went too far with that cheap shot!" Cheap shot my ass! I laughed my ass off! My friend Lizzie articulated the reasons very well why Rush "To Eat" Limbaugh don't deserve an ounce of sympathy for the beating he took that night. In fact Lizzie concluded her post by saying:

"I'm vehemently against torture. But I would happily waterboard Rush any day."

I hope he wakes up with a hemorrhoid a size of a basketball! How you like that one?

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


brokemoto said...

Limbaugh and I share a contempt for 'progressives', but it ends there. Limbaugh is nothing but a hypocrite.

Limbaugh tries to criticise 'progressives' as mindless lemmings 'parrotting' the line that the DNC feeds them, and on that, he is correct. Yet, he expects HIS fans to parrott HIS 'talking points' and has even referred to them, with not unnoticeable pride, as 'dittoheads'. Just like the 'liberals', that he so roundly damns, anyone who is not in lockstep with him must be retarded, or something; at least to hear him tell it.

Limbaugh used to scream and holler about how drug abusers deserved to die, until he became one. Now he pleads for understanding.

Every time that I call Plush Limpdick a 'jackass', or, refer to him as one, I must apologise to male donkeys everywhere for insulting them.

Anonymous said...

Rush for President! Fuck Obama!

Blue Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Blue eyes -

I think the biggest problem I have with Rush is too many ditto-non-thinking-heads like you are on board with him. Definitely agree w/Phil on this issue - the "conservative" drones are just as stupid as the progressive/liberal/socialist ones.


Redhead said...

Does anyone else find smoking a cigar as slightly homoerotic? *Not that there is anything wrong with it.*

Lugosi said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Rush Limbaugh hates democracy.

brokemoto said...

Limbaugh probably does hate democracy, but the sad thing is that the 'liberals' whom he so roundly damns also hate it.

Limbaugh and the reactionnaries want a Police State.

Miller, the DNC and the 'progressives' want a Nanny State.

Both have their mindless lemmings that applaud them.

Which is worse? The Nanny State is worse. People KNOW that they have it bad under a Police State, thus are more inclined to be at least sympathetic to seditious movements.

Under a Nanny State, it is more difficult to convince people that they have it bad. See how those who speak out against Nanny State laws are ridiculed to-day. Thus, it is more difficult to generate even sympathy for a seditious movement under a Nanny State.

In a Police State, they throw you in the hoosegow, keep you there, or shoot you, eventually.

In a Nanny State, they throw you in the booby hatch, keep you there and fill you so full of drugs that you are brain-dead and the damage may become permanent.

This in one reason why I fear the Greens even more than I do either the Democrats or the Republicans. If they ever get any power, kiss the U.S. Constitution, and your posterior, BUBBYE!.

Anonymous said...

that's pretty well said Phil


Xtreme English said...

god...what is it with you conservatives? "rush limbaugh is a bit fat idiot," (there's a book out on that) and you're no better.