Sunday, August 03, 2008


Congratulations to Art Monk and Darrell Green! Two of my favorite redskins for getting the well deserved spot at the Football Hall of Fame.

Art Monk, Mr Perfectionist! Who used to catch and run forty or a fifty yard bombs for touchdowns and walked quietly to his bench like it's another day at the job! What a classy dude he was, and still is. Now you have these clowns dancing and shaking their asses every time they catch the ball for a first down while their team is behind by forty points!

Art, I am going to cherish and treasure my beer smelling autographed #81 Redskins jersey for the rest of my life and thanks for the great memories because it has been a painful couple of football decades in Washington.

Please don't forget the homeless, I know Darrell Green doesn't.

Mad Cabbie.


Lugosi said...

Good to see Monk get the recognition he deserves. As I recall, he got shafted by the Skins at the end, & played his last year for another team. He didn't deserve that.

Mad Cabbie said...
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Mad Cabbie said...

You are right Lug, he played for the Eagles for the last couple of years of his career but retired as a Redskin after that!

Philip said...

Congratulations to them.

I am only a Redskin fan twice per year, maybe three times, if the Redskins meet dallas [miniscule deliberate] at some point in the playoffs. My favourite team is the 49ers (so I, too, have been suffering), my second favourite team is whoever is playing dallas.

I do not know much about Art Monk, but Green has always been a class act and a really down-to-earth guy who has cared about the Community for years. The programmes that he has sponsored to help children keep up their reading skills, help keep troubled young people off the streets, help the homeless and in general, make Washington a better place to live cause even a non-fan like me take off my hat to him.

DC Cab Rider said...

My heroes!!!!!