Sunday, February 24, 2008


I am honored for being the "Blogger of The Month" by Marc Fisher of the Washington Post in his Raw Fisher series. This means a lot to me coming from a professional writer like Marc. I read a lot of local blogs and there are lots of excellent bloggers with great writing skills unlike myself. Even though my vocabulary is limited to 200 words, I always try to deliver interesting posts as possible and I really do appreciate the recognition.

My niece who is in the 5th grade has agreed to edit my stories before I post them so don't be surprised if you notice some quality writings in the future.

I would like to say this: Marc Fisher is probably the only local media figure who sticks up for DC cab drivers even though it's very unpopular to do so these days, and him and I don't agree about the meters vs zone argument and go check out this post of his and read some of personal attacks (including some jackass wishing bad things to happen to Marc and his family) he gets from some of you idiots. Most of you out there are riding the bandwagon of "DC cabbies are the scum of the earth" route, but DC cabbies don't have any more bad apples than lawyers, congressmen or doctors, we are just easy targets to be criticized because we are at the bottom of the food chain.

A couple of nights ago I picked up some drunk chic with a very bad makeup from 5th and Massachusetts Ave NE to Union Station and since we crossed 2nd street NE (Zone line) it is a two zone fare even though the entire ride is six blocks and it took about less than a minute. So two zones $8.80 plus fuel surcharge $1 her total bill was $9.80 and she went nuts calling me everything in the book! Is it expensive? Hell yeah! But what the fuck am I supposed to do? Like most of you out there she is shooting the messenger! When I told her the Capitol Police who was parked next to us could explain it to her since she didn't want to hear how I came with that figure she threw me a $10 bill and slammed my door. Bitch! There were no cabs at the station and people were waiting in line and the next passenger wanted to go all way to Mount Pleasant near Rock Creek Pkwy which is about a 15 minutes ride and paid the same two zones $9.80 even though the ride is much longer, and the guy happily paid his fare with tip! This is the shit we deal with every night and there is always going to be dissatisfied customers who feel that they got ripped off even though I never cheat my passengers like the rest of majority of fine DC cabbies. But those few dishonest motherfuckers gives the whole industry a bad rap, even people who never rode in a cab in their lives think that DC cabbies are crooks. And of course folks always comment about their bad experiences never the good stuff! Let me talk about the driver of Diamond cab #257, just the other day who had to track down his European passengers he picked in front of a building and had to return a bag with valuables including about 2000 Euros they left in his back seat! You think that driver is interested in cheating you out of couple of bucks?

Enough with my whining and let me make my "Blogger of The Month" acceptance speech!

"I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I thank my man Marc Fisher and the Washington Post, all the fans who read this blog, all my babies mamas all 13 of you even though I don't admit one of them, I thank my parole officer, all my posses, Pastor Joe, Ali Two fingers, Ghost, Mr. Hook, Hustleman Charles, Wall street Tom who isn't with us anymore and he's probably banging Anna Nicole Smith in heaven, High-Tech Ben, all fellow cabbies of the world, the guy I picked up at the corner of 19th and...."

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


fisherwire said...

Thanks very much for the kind words, Mad. As I told readers on Raw Fisher, your fresh insights and honesty make for great reading and might even make some folks think about what a luxury the DC cab system is. No other city of this size has remotely as extensive a cab supply--and that didn't happen by magic. Thanks for keeping us connected to what you see on the streets.--Marc Fisher

Dinosaur Mom said...

Well deserved praise! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

I had Marc in my cab quite a few times and he is good people!

Good work!

Yellow 47!

Peggy said...

Congratulations Mad! You deserve this one!

The drunk chick on 5th and Massachusetts probably has more than just a hangover to deal with today. You had to deal with her once, she has to live with herself.

Lugosi said...

I like Fisher's columns in the paper. I've left comments on his Sunday "The Listener" columns, but he's never named me "Blogger of the Month." Who did you have to blow for that honor?

The one who used to get me really pissed off on occassion was Bob Levey. Thank God he's retired and gone on to bother someone else with his self-righteous pontifications.

taxitalk said...

Blogger of the month, right on DC has got to bad can't forget about the homeless

june in florida said...

Wtg Mad, you are going to have more readers now so you will have to post more often.How about a few comments on the economic climate in D.C. Here in Florida it is horrendous, job situation non existent.People losing jobs left and right with no hope of finding anything else. Real estate taxes not paid, home forclosures etc.But according to most this is temporary and will be over in 6 months or so. 5 or 6 years maybe i think.What do you think?

Red said...


But of course we, your loyal readers, always knew what a good guy you are.

Claire said...

Congrats, Cabbie, on making Blogger of the Month in such a prestigeous medium, as the Washington Post! A well-deserved honor! Much love and continued success. No matter what profession you're in certain people will expect a free ride and a free lunch and will complain. At least you are not getting sued for malpractice. Keep up the good work.
Peace and hugs,

Lucy said...

Congratulations. I'm addicted to this site; I think you're a wonderful writer.

Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

well done!

Anonymous said...

I left my iPhone in a cab, and the cabbie came back to the club, talked the bouncer, came in and gave it back to me!

I think DC cabbies are generally a v honest bunch. WAY better than NY!

m.e. said...

Way to go! This is fantastic news. And hey, maybe the writers at the Washington Post are finally waking up to reality.

Keep on telling it like it is, Uncle're the best!!

Peggy's mom

johnnypeepers said...

I second that award Mad. It ain't so much the form as it is the message. You come correct and folks know this. You a soldier and I owe you for boosting me in the early days.