Monday, February 04, 2008


That's the big billboard ad I did for the 10th anniversary of the Verizon Center but there is a hidden message as the title of this post suggests for those striking DC cabbies today. Sorry! that big idiot Mad Cabbie is on strike as well, he is probably doing nothing but scratching his balls and staring at the wall of his basement so I am guest blogging for him today.

Most of you DC residents love me for fucking those DC cab drivers up don't you? Fuck them! who cares if they don't make a decent living off the new fare structure? They are the filth of society anyways so what's difference? All that time back in the days I couldn't get a DC cab to stop for me? It's payback time motherfuckers! Who's your daddy now bitch?

Yes that's right no more surcharge for extra passengers! I don't give a shit how many extra fat ass DC residents you have to haul all day long, the ride is free even though the rest of the surrounding counties let their cabs charge for extra passengers! I don't care how many times a year you have to replace your freaken shocks and how many thousands of extra fuel dollars you have to cough up because of the extra loads. And yes that's right, I grew up reading Karl Mark's literatures and that's why you can't charge over the $18.90 celling in my communist DC administration, no matter where you have to drive your passengers in the city! LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION motherfuckers. I have to satisfy just the couple of thousands of emails I received from the whining public so I had to go overboard and slash the shit of your kids education! and who gives a shit that you have to buy your own health insurance! tell that crap to Hillary Clinton!

And who cares about all those 6000 DC cab drivers on strike? Majority of the drivers are those dumb ass Africans, sand niggers and some loser no good Americans like Mad Cabbie so fuck all them clowns man! You bitches strike all you want but right now I am on hold with the Afghani president Hamid Karzai see if he can send me a few thousand ex Mujahedeens I can put in DC cabs.

And I don't give a shit about the homeless, Fuck them!

Adrian "Starve The Cab Drivers" Fenty*

*Mayor Adrian M. Fenty did not participate in writing this post in any way. Written entirely by Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

Mad cabbie, I have been reading your post for over a year now, and this post is a master-piece!

"You bitches strike all you want but right now I am on hold with the Afghani president Hamid Karzai see if he can send me a few thousand ex Mujahedeens I can put in DC cabs."

I can not stop laughing!


june in florida said...

Wtg Mad, did the strike start before those Super Bowl revelers needed to go home? DC must be a madhouse.

Lugosi said...

I was pretty impressed until I saw the disclaimer.

I was dropping off at Union Station when some woman from Fox Five approached me and asked if I had seen any effects from the strike. I told her it appeared more people were riding the metro. We did seem busier in Vienna than usual, with people to Reston or Tysons, or whatever.

I did have one guy I took to Herndon who specifically said he decided to take the Metro to Vienna when he couldn't find a cab at Union Station.

Anyway, hope you guys strike again real soon.

Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

O hope you luck with the strike than we did

Kyt Dotson said...

Wow. I wasn't even aware of a strike! (Of course, I'm all the way out in Phoenix, AZ -- but see how far thy fan base stretches, Mad.)

I'd like to know more about this.

Keep on keeping on, Mad Cabbie.

peggy's mom said...

so THAT'S why all the obnoxious suits (pants or skirts) are slamming onto the metro! they don't care if they kneecap old ladies or whack little kids with their overstuffed briefcases. they block the doors and won't get out of the way to let people on or off. jeez, mad, call off the strike, ok? get those freaks off the metro!!

i promise to pay the extra person fee any time i'm in a cab with another rider.

John said...

Mad you know you are shooting yourself in the foot.
We had strike after strike . It made no difference.
We have more taxis per head of population than anywhere in the world.
No one gives a shit.
The unions are laughing,the carriage office are taking in so much money their office is a Palace.

I don't know what the answer is.
The French are the next to be de-regulated.

Lucky 327 said...

unions, what union?

but anyhow, i don't see what the big deal is about extra person fees, or the meter? these differences are very trivial. the car wastes gas no matter what, and the arguments otherwise are unfounded.

Lucky 327 said...

though i do hate that damn meter!

Peggy said...

Power to the people! I hope the strike works so that you can charge for the extra fatso that gets to squeeze into the back seat and ruin your shocks and upholstery.

johnnypeepers said...

Strength and solidarity my brother! The oppressors days are numbers. There is no rat hole that will provide sufficient cover when the excrement crashes into the rotating blades of revolutionary upheaval.

Uncle Keith said...

I thought it was really him for a minute! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Mad Cabbie ... You are the man, now get a real job!

SuperDve said...

You're blaming passengers for your cab shaking to death? Not a word for the DC streets, moving from pothole to pothole?

Eryn said...

Hey Mad. How is the strike going? I think you should go eat a messy sandwich on the metro to make your point. Or something. Maybe it wouldn't make your point but it would stick it to the man! I guess... :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! The passengers triumph! DC has got to be the only city in the developed world where a cabbie could pick up an $8 fare for going 5 blocks because of the stupid "no splitting cabs" rule. (Yes, there are other cities where "colectivos" randomly pick up other passengers and charge per person - but generally the fares there are 50 cents.)

We love you Adrian!

Jane Commuter said...

so THAT'S why all the obnoxious suits (pants or skirts) are slamming onto the metro!

We like to be called the working public

Anonymous said...

So when all the cabs were blocking streets and inconveniencing people who have nothing to do with your strike, how does that help your cause exactly?