Friday, June 15, 2007


Check out my sexy size 13 foot! You know what they say about men with big hands and big feet right? Look at my big toe all bruised and a cracked toe nail!

Last week some dumb ass at the gym dropped a 20lb iron weight on my foot by accident and I was crying like a baby for three days. It was amazing that the x-ray results didn't show any broken bone, but it was painful even though it felt better after a gallon of brandy. I was walking around wearing some big ass sneakers looking like a freaken clown because my regular size shoe wouldn't fit in but now everything is normal besides those nagging pains here and there.

I hope your week was better than mine was.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Uncle Keith said...

When I worked at the FBI, I mashed my thumb between a closing delivery elevator door and a metal push cart. People think, "oh it's just a finger or it's just a toe, it can't hurt that much." When you pinch off those blood vessels down there, it throbs like a bitch. Plus, when your nail turns blue and starts to fall off, it messes with your mind. Hang in there, Cabbie!

lizzie said...

oh no! hope you feel better soon!

Peggy said...


I feel your pain. Although I have never had anything as heavy as that dropped on my piggies, I am a champion toe stubber. I've even broken a few. It hurts like a bitch.

june in florida said...

Hand or foot don't hang it down so the blood flows to it, hurts a helluva lot worse.So sorry Mad and your driving foot too.

Anonymous said...
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Mad Cabbie said...

Uncle Kieth, Do you still have all your fingers? That had to hurt man!

Thanks Lizzie, nothing I can't handle!

"It hurts like a bitch!" way to go Peggy, I never knew you use words like that and lets keep those toes of yours intact, no more toe stubbing!

Thanks June but I am ok, it was a good excuse for me not to go to work and stare at the wall.

Red said...

A photo showing a bare MC… It’s almost too much to handle.

Feel better soon.

Claire said...

Yeow! I have to look away. It hurts to even think about it! Would an ice pack do any good? Nothing wrong with a little brandy at a time like this. Hang tough, Cabbie!!!!

Mad Cabbie said...

Red, I showed my bare self and I think you are next.

Thanks Claire, I take care of my body real good and it's paying off by healing very fast! I will be ok

Anonymous said...

oh, glory....wot a horble thing to happen! ur poor toe!! i dropped a can of chili through the top basket of a grocery cart one time (didn't put that plastic flap up to cover the hole), and it landed right on my big toe. Ooooh, momma, did that HURT!!! can't imagine wot 20 pounds would do. sob..ow!...damn...sob...shooot!!!

glad it's feeling a bit better. have u tried soaking it in empsom salts? gotta get it ready for the big trip to ethiopia!!!

with great sympathy, peggy's mom