Thursday, December 14, 2006


Here's how to play: Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. After, post this in your blog, and give out some letters of your own.

I got the letter "T" from RED.

10 things that I love that start with the letter "T".

1- Tits: They're so nice and soft to touch, beautiful to look at and a mouthful to...

"Hold it right there Mad! This is a family friendly blog okay! we get the idea!"

2- Tuborg beer: If you are in to the horse piss garbage we brew here in the U.S, you need to start drinking this fine Danish beer. Beer is not my choice of drink (Got to watch the abs) but if I feel like it, it's always Tuborg or Carlsberg.

3-Thievery Corporation: These guys put out some bad ass music and they grew up just outside Washington DC in Maryland, check them out.

3- Thyme: This herb is a must have at Mr Mad's kitchen, you put this bad boy in any pathetic junk that you attempt to cook and are Julia Childs all of a sudden.

4- Tribe Called Quest: These brothaz, in my book are the best hip hop group ever walked on this planet, they are the real deal, forget the MTV wanna be gangsters with Ferrari and booty shaking chics, If you wanna see the real gangsters in the hood you should ride with me at night some time, the brothaz don't drive Ferrari they ride with Mad Cabbie. Tribe Called Quest are not record label commercial product they are real artists with unique talent.

5- T-Bone steak: The say the best meat is always closer and attached to the bone and I agree, I like it bloody please.

6- Twilight Zone: One of the best TV series put together and Rod Serling was a genius way ahead of his time.

7- Tyra Banks: Haba haba haba... I don't know what but there was some kind of movement in my pants while I was typing her name.

8- Tip: Yes that's right I am a cabbie and I like getting tipped well, I am not your usual lame ass cab driver who just drive to your destination, I can also speak English with limited number of words, I can entertain you, hook you up with chics, you can shop for your daily dose of crack in the comfort of the back seat of my cab, I let you give a blow job to your man in the back seat, you see all these fine public services deserve a fat TIP.

9- Tequila: I don't like drinking a lot but if I want to get a buzz with out consuming too much, just a few shots of tequila will do the trick and I am good just drinking tonic water for the rest of the night.

10- Teeth: I mean a good healthy clean teeth, nothing like a chic with a perfect smile. Kim, my on and off long time girlfriend/friend/buddy since high school has the most perfect teeth I have ever seen and that's sexy. You can tell a lot about a person just looking at the teeth, the hand and the shoes. In fact when I check out a chic I try to look at the teeth before I zoom in at the boobs! and in case if you are wondering my teeth are some of my best assets.

There you go Ms Red and thank you for inviting me to play this game.

Eryn: "W"
Claire: "B"
MJ: "O"
Dublin Cabbie: "P"

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


NurseWhoLvdMe said...

Hey Mad,

I wanna play.

I might look into the two music groups you mentioned. I imagine you have pretty discerning tastes when it comes to the things that give you pleasure.

I've got to get my co-workers some taste. The crap they listen to is talentless, rhythmless, lyric-free, mainstream junk. Meh.

And what's going on with you and Kim these days?

~Your nosy-nursing-student friend

Mad Cabbie said...

I am glad you want to play Eryn, and tell me waht you think about the musicians I mentioned.

There is nothing going on between Kim and I besides talking on the phone as buddies that's all....Things didn't work out but it's all good, we're friends.

I am going to make you happy by giving you the letter "W" and please keep it clean like I did!

Roxy said...

Okay, I'm game. What's my letter?

Anonymous said...

There are no families that read this blog.
-- Twoste

Anonymous said...

My teeth are bad, what can u tell? After that Bullshit answer go ahead with the hand and the shoes, mr. GQ

Turner Mitteron said...

I'll have a go. Give me an easy one so I can put some Aussy slang init for all you yanks. :-)

NurseWhoLvdMe said...

You know, I was trying to think of what 'W' words could be dirty. Candle Wax was the only thing I could come up with, but that's not really my thing. I guess I'm just not creative enough.

I will check out the bands soon and let you know.

I'm glad you and Kim are able to be friends. I could never do that, so I always made sure to burn my bridges so I wouldn't make the mistake of trying to cross them again.

Happy Festivus!

Mad Cabbie said...

Roxy, How about "O" I know you like that don't you?

Twoste, some families use my blog to educate their kids how to stay out of trouble and not to end up like Pastor Joe! This blog is the street version of Mr Rogers Hood!

Anonymous: I can tell that you may need to visit a dentist and have a major project done in your mouth and then tell you the rest!

Turner Mitteron, How about the letter "M" mate?

I know you can come up with some stuff! But I chose "W" because there is something you really like which starts with "W"!

John said...

T is for tipping.. 2 Tip or not?
One rider told me Its like wipeing your ass..If you don't do it its messey when you want to go again..So wipe your ass and tip well.
Happy Christmas

MJ06 said...

I like that these fine public services under Tips.

Claire said...

Hey Cabbie, on the beautiful teeth comment that you made...

Among us, the most rewarding people are either beautiful or intelligent. They make us swoon, they make us laugh, go ah-hunh and win us over.

But not all of us are equally blessed. For me, a person who pays attention to their teeth is good enough. A million dollar smile is worth $1 million so brush after you eat, carry a toothbrush, floss daily, go to the dentist, try to find a gentle DDS, save up for an electric toothbrush and use it! Also try to cut down on sodas and eat more fresh fruit and veggies. Don't worry if your teeth aren't perfect. Take care of what you were given. Cabbie you may have too high standards, if I may venture to say (but with affection)!


Claire ;D

Mad Cabbie said...

John, very well said bro and while I have you here You get the letter "P" and I will be checking your blog!

Mj, you know a good service when you see one! and I am giving you the letter "D", get busy!

Claire, please don't misunderstand me honey, I never said a perfect teeth is a must have but it does turn me on when I see a woman with a beautiful smile and not everyone can afford a quality dental work but I was asked to list 10 things I like which start with the letter "T" and teeth happend to be one. Claire you get the letter "B" and show me what you got babe!

Twoste said...

No families read this blog.

Anonymous said...

Electric brushes actually increase plague. Thats right, now that I am more mouth concious but still without insurance my goal is just to become old with my teeth. I noticed G.W. Bush is trying to look like George Washington in the mouth area. Maybe for subconcious mind control reasons for "proud Americans". But I know G.W. Bush has good dental health because he is the president. It's just interesting.

John said...

Just found out what you ment by the letter P. I will be thinking.
But happy Christmas from Dublin