Monday, December 11, 2006


Few years ago I picked up a lawyer from downtown around mid night and drove him to Montgomery General Hospital in Olney Maryland. He was in a rush to be with his wife who was in emergency labor to have their first baby and after a 16 mile ride I got him there in a relatively short time, he thanked me and paid me very well. As soon as I was ready to pull away from the drive way of the emergency room a very attractive chick and a couple of Montgomery County police officers banged on my door to get my attention and I stopped. The cops asked me if I can give the young lady a ride home back to Rockville but I was trying to explain to them that I can't take her because it's illegal for a DC cab to pick up a fare in Maryland and she has to call for a Maryland cab, I thought the police were trying to set me up but they weren't, they told me she has been waiting for a Barwood Cab for over half an hour and they haven't showed up and she can't wait anymore and I noticed that she started crying aggressively. I hate to drive around outside my comfort zone and she was taking me away from my route back to the city but her tears were all over her face and I couldn't say no and the cops said to ignore the stupid law and they just want to make sure she gets home safe as early as possible.

She was a brunette in her early twenties and wouldn't stop crying even after I made a few attempts to ask what happened. A few minutes in to the ride she calmed down a bit and after a short quite moment and with a weak sad voice she said "I just got raped tonight!" God that was a shocker! and how do you respond to that? "I am sorry?" I just didn't know what to say my tongue was tied and I was angry. To make the long story short her co worker forced himself on her when they stopped by his apartment to change outfits for a night out clubbing after an office Christmas party. I don't know how many times I have said "I am sorry" but what else I could have done? nothing!

When we arrived at her apartment in Rockville without asking how much (DC cabs don't have meters) she handed me $40 for maybe a $20 fare and thanked me for the ride and she exited my cab. I TOOK THAT MONEY. On my way to DC I was pissed at my self for taking that cash, I didn't even offer that the ride was on me but I was frozen and wasn't thinking I guess, or was I another opportunistic cab driver? how many times in our life time that we would meet a person who just got raped? and I was asking myself "Why didn't the cops give her a ride?" maybe it's against their rules, I don't know but what kind of shit hole world we live in? I was troubled for the rest of the night.

A couple of years after this incident I stumbled in to this movie called "Hell Cab" or "Chicago Cab", it's a very well done and well written cab movie ever and I think who ever wrote the script had driven a cab at some point in life because it is very realistic and there is a part in the movie where the cab driver encounters almost the exact same story I told you about, it's like a twilight zone episode. When I watched that scene of the rape victim (Jullian Moore) in the back seat of the cab and the cab driver's reaction to her story, I cried because it reminded me about that poor brunette and I am usually not an emotional person at all to begin with. The other creepy thing about my story and this movie is both happened around Christmas time and the actor who was the cab driver (Paul Dillon) played the part excellent but don't think that I am a pussy like he played his part, there is a 99% chance that I can kick your ass if you are out of line.

Excuse me Mad! But didn't couple of transvestites in South Beach chased Pastor and your ass few years ago in Miami? and you guys were running for your lives Mr wanna be macho man!

Come on man! you don't have to go there! embarrassing me in front of my readers you jackass!

If you like this blog you will love HELL CAB so when ever you have the chance during the holiday please rent this movie and tell me what you think, this is a great Christmas movie okay! fuck "It's A Wonderful Life"

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

I got Hell Cab on my list MC!


Joann said...

I'll get Hell Cab too.

Do not feel bad about taking the money--she still has good memories you--you the only good thing in her day. Trust me she felt safe in your care and wanted you to know--and paying you made her not feel like a victim.

MC's Big Fan said...

I have watched Hell Cab during my hacking days in Chicago and it's a well done small budget flick with lots of big name cameos, it's worth watching and I agree with Joann you didn't have to feel bad for taking the money MC. I am in to real estate now and when ever I take cabs I over tip because I know how it is!!!

Be well MC

MC's Big Fan.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have been in her shoes before and getting a free taxi ride would be the last thing in her mind, at that moment all she wanted was to get home quick and feel safe, so don't feel bad for taking your pay check mad cabbie, I know that you are a great funny human being and I love you for that.

Twoste said...

Dude, I'm not gonna watch that!! Suggest something else...

Anonymous said...

twoste, who cares if you don't watch it or not.....why are you busting his balls?

Anonymous said...

Great post Mad, I will make sure to go out and rent the movie, you have an interesting life, I started reading your blog a few months ago and now I am addicted to it....


Claire said...

Hey Mad Cabbie,

I agree with Joann. You acted like a decent human being and perhaps provided the best therapy this young woman will ever receive in the peace and sanctuary of that cab ride. You earned the fare. And don't feel guilty that there wasn't more that you could have done. You did exactly what she needed.

Peace and hugs,


Claire said...

Hey Mad Cabbie,

I agree with Joann. You acted like a decent human being and perhaps provided the best therapy this young woman will ever receive in the peace and sanctuary of that cab ride. You earned the fare. And don't feel guilty that there wasn't more that you could have done. You did exactly what she needed.

Peace and hugs,


Peggy said...

Don't you be disrespecting It's a Wonderful Life. It is my favourite movie of all time. It also has the original Burt and Ernie in it. Burt the cabbie is sweet.

Do NOT feel bad about taking the money from that woman. In your cab ride she went from victim back to being in charge of things again. That's why she paid and tipped you. You had no choice but to accept the money. However, your sensitivity does you credit.

Consider yourself absolved of this one.

Anonymous said...

Most of your passengers are disfunctional and distraughted and you can't afford to not taking money.

Mad Cabbie said...

Enjoy Josh, it's a good movie!

Thanks Joann and don't forget to let me know what you think about the movie.

Big Fan, I appreciate your support and keep tipping the good cab drivers, Thank you.

Anonymous, I am sorry that you have to go through that horrible pain and I hope you are doing well.

Twoste, I will suggest that you go get and watch "Dumb and Dumber" maybe "Hell Cab" is too much information for you to process!

Anonymous, don't worry about twoste, he's just lonely that's all!

Thanks Beth and that was a very funny email, it's too bad you live 500 miles away:(

Peace and Hugs Claire, You always make me feel good, there is something about you that is mysterious!

I am sorry Peggy and I also think It's a wonderful life is a great movie, I just love to press on people's buttons.

Jamy said...

Hey--I just saw the movie on your recommendation. You were right--I really liked it. I may write a longer review later...

Mad Cabbie said...

Great Jamy, well I am looking forward to read your review, I think you write much better reviews than those retards at the Washington Post.

Didn't you enjoy the part when he had to deal with that loser on speed and his friends?