Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have acquired a great deal of  accomplishment and success over the years, like in 1998 I was the driver of the month for two month in a row for the the month of August and September. You can laugh all you want but I am still proudly hanging that cheap ass award certificate on my living room wall. That shit is like a chic magnet man, women are really impressed whenever they see that recognition. But here comes another accomplishment that can over-shine everything that I have done so far.

Couple years ago a man called JD emailed me to ask me where a middle-aged average looking white man can meet chics and get laid in DC and I posted my response. Few days after that post a 37 year old divorced professional white woman emailed me and said she wanted to meet JD and check him out. I forwarded her information to JD and the rest as they say is history. JD emailed me from time to time about their dates and progress for a while and I never heard from them for over a year until about a couple month ago! Let me share a part of that message with you...

"....It will be an honor to have you as one of our guest on our wedding day. Please send me an address where I can send the invitation card and....."

That was an awesome moment for me man! A couple hooking up through a blog by a retarded cabdriver and ending up getting married after two years? That's some crazy ass shit man, I am proud of myself. Fuck match.com, this is the place where you can pickup your future bride motherfucker!

I was thinking about them this past Saturday being it was their wedding day. I politely declined to go the weeding but I did send a present. The party was in Manassas, Virginia and I heard those Prince William county authorities are deporting undocumented immigrants like crazy and I can easily pass as a Mexican. Better to be safe than sorry man, otherwise I will end up posting this shit from Tijuana Mexico.

JD and Kathy, congratulations and all the best to you!  

When is the FBI going to start criminal investigation of councilman Harris Thomas Jr?

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

That's my neck of the woods Mad, the old battleground. Pretty soon we should be starting deporting Negros from prince williams county, so you're ok for now mad. Very funny post Mad, you know i love you. Congrats to JD and Kathy.

Blue Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to JD and Kathy, more happy years to come. I think the media should pick up on this story. Great post mad cabbie!!!

Foster Child.

Anonymous said...

"...a blog by a retarded cabdriver ..." jeez mad!!! Don't you have a degree in Math or Physics or some other science? You are an educated D.C. cabbie but then again there are plenty of DC cabbies like you who have degrees in all kinds of subjects imaginable. I know quiet a few who have degrees in economics, education, the sciences and such.


Anonymous said...

I knew there was more than one good reason that I voted for anybody but
Baby Harry more than once. He seems to think that since Daddy held that seat that it is his by Divine Right. Since he holds the Ward Five Seat by Divine Right, he is exempt from all laws and rules, especially those that concern ethics.

What really bends me outta' shape is that he paid the price of a Mercedes-Benz, but all that he got was a Volkswagen. If he is going to pay out our money for a Mercedes-Benz, at least he should insist on a Mercedes-Benz instead of accepting a Volkswagen.

Mad Cabbie said...

You wanna deport me and you love me at the same time? You are an interesting fellow Blue Eyes!

Foster Child, that's right, I should be on Meet The Press this Sunday.

Moi, the clowns in congress who couldn't get their act together, most of them are with college degrees and you know how retarded THEY are.

113, don't you think the motherfucker should have at least paid off his defaulted school loan out of all that stolen money?

Anonymous said...


You got me on that one.