Saturday, July 30, 2011


It was a heavy rainy night in Washington, March or maybe April and people were fighting each other for cabs. I was rolling with cash doing short runs until some dude with a knocked out tooth dragged my ass all the way to Sibley Memorial Hospital. He said someone in a strip club knocked him out, and this idiot was holding his knocked out front tooth with him so the doctors could put it back together for him. Of course he was shitfaced!

As soon as I dropped him off at the hospital and was ready to leave, this nurse came running out of the emergency room to tell me to wait for some VIP passengers who were willing to pay me $40 (normally a $15 fare) just to take them to the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Avenue. Five minutes later couple of white guys one with cast on his arm rushed out of the hospital and got in to my cab.

They had a foreign accent when they started talking, so I asked if they were from Azerbaijan but they said they are Canadians. They turned out to be Edmonton Oilers Sam Gagner and the team physician trying to get back to their hotel after doctor's at Sibley performed a surgery on Sam Gagner's hand. He injured his hand during a game against the Washington Capitals, I heard he wasn't even on the field when he was injured. Pussy!

When we got to the hotel it was still pouring rain outside and the fare came out to $14.50. The team physician handed me $15 and they both ran out of the cab and disappeared in to the hotel lobby. Jack asses! what am I supposed to do? Run after them and demand another $25? Forget it man, instead I picked up this fat dude with a hot chink Asian chick, they wanted to rush to a beer and wine store in Bethesda before it closes at midnite. At least I made a quick $20 out of that one!

When is the FBI going to start criminal investigation of councilman Harris Thomas Jr?

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Anonymous said...

"...I asked if they were from Azerbaijan but they said they are Canadians."

That is so funny man, welcome back.

Ron T

Anonymous said...

I was at the game that night and the oilers got their asses kicked by the Capitals. It was in March, great story Mad. I used to wait tables when I was in law school and I noticed the super rich were lousy tippers.

Take care Mad,


Anonymous said...

I dunno mad, may be they thought it was 40.00 Canadian and not USD? I always see on the back of greeting cards I buy 1.99 USD, 2.59 Canadian. :)

I hope Sam Gagner or the physician dude will eventually realize that they stiffed you out of your 25.00 US dollars and send it to you with interest.


OutofDCest.2008 said...

Why you no confirm, I don't know, the most important detail of the business transaction. Keep the rumor riding. What the nurse told you was a rumor wasn't it? Welcome back blogging

Anonymous said...

You should have yelled at them


Of course, I do abjure all responsibility for the results.

There are some rumblings for a recall petition drive for our alleged representative on the City Council. Under City law, there can be no action during the first year of his term.

All that I can say is: DO NOT blame me. I voted for Wilds in the first Democratic primary in which he ran. I voted Statehood in the General election, that time around (and I fear the Greens more than I do the Democrats). I forget for whom I voted in the last Democratic primary. I voted Republican in the last general election (Something that I RARELY do, unless it is Carol Schwartz or Catania, although he is now an Independent. Catania is, at heart, a Republican. ).

Henry Krinkle said...

Could be worse, they could be have been French. (Not French Canadians)