Thursday, February 03, 2011


A bunch of New York city cab drivers got busted few month ago for overcharging their passengers and most of them pleaded guilty. Check out this link: New York cabbies fare-boost scam.

Can this happen in Washington DC?

When you get in to a DC cab and the driver clicks the button, there are four rate options:

Rate-1: Regular DC rate from point A to point B with in the city limit and caps out at $19 thanks to our former Supreme Mayor, Comrade Kim IL Fenty as Phil the dispatcher calls him.

Rate-2: The same per-mile rate as rate 1 but used for any fare that crosses the DC line in to Virginia, Maryland or any state but there is no $19 cap. (All airports are Rate-2)

Rate-3: Snow emergency rate that charges 25% more than rate 1 and rate 2. This rate is active only when DC government declares snow emergency for the city.

Rate-4: Hourly rate that charges $25 per hour with in the city limits.Usually tourists hire cabbies to drive them around historical spots in Washington. 

There are so many illegal cabdrivers and out of state drivers doing illegal pick-up in DC, especially during the night. As a passenger you can't tell if the driver is a legal licensed driver or not, because everything looks legit, including the fake hack ID you see above the dash. Most of these drivers are not afraid to use Rate-3 and charge you 25% more because they don't have any Hack ID to protect in case they get caught. I am not trying to say all the legal drivers are innocent but the stake is too high to pull off some shit like that. If a driver is caught using Rate-3 illegally for the first time, it will be an automatic termination of his or her Hack ID.

Those retarded DC hack inspectors are busy harassing the legitimate cab drivers for minor shit instead of cracking down on the more serious public safety threat, the illegal cabdrivers! Besides getting ripped off,  if you get involved in a serious accident while riding these illegal cabs, I hope and pray you carry a very good insurance of your own, otherwise you will be out of luck.

If a driver clocked you at Rate-3 on a nice sunny day, just go ahead and hand him your wallet!

By the way what happened to my man King of New York hacks? He didn't post for a while. I hope he is not one of those NY cabbies who got busted, but I know he doesn't roll like that. If you see him, tell that bad ass motherfucker I am looking for him.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


brokemoto said...

Such is the word from King Avenue on rate #3: not just a fine, not just a suspension but REVOCATION of the face. I suspect that they understand that you might flake and forget to put it back onto rate #1 upon return from the airport, so the word is that you will usually receive a fine for #2, but #3 will get you a revocation.

The sad thing is that this so-called 'snow emergency' rate is just about the same as the old interstate mileage rates.

Everyone knows that the rates are too low and that the fare cap is socialism, but our new Mayor has not even removed the fare cap. What we need immediately is a removal of the fare cap and a one dollar gasolene surcharge with the promise that it will go to one dollar fifty when gasolene hits four dollars the gallon.

Many of the illegals do not even bother with a counterfeit hacking face these days. The word is out that the Hack Inspectors do not bother illegals; they only pick on legitimate drivers. The only time that they do anything to an illegal is if they catch him on line at Union Station. You know that there is a problem if the illegals are so brazen that they will get on line at the Station. When you go to the station, you expect to see the Harrassment Inspector. Similarly, you expect to see the nastycam on North Capitol Street, MacArthur Boulevard, Military Road or Kenilworth Avenue.

I tell the people that they should make sure that the driver has a hack licence. They tell me that they do not have time for that; they just want the ride. I tell them that every automobile liability policy has an exclusion for an 'unauthorised driver'. An unlicenced driver is unauthorised and therefore uninsured.

District authorities are aware that they are tolerating thousands of effectively uninsured motorists on City streets every day. Word on the street is that one of the taxicab insurers is largely responsible for the presence of most of these illegals. He uses them as agents-provocateurs to abuse the public and cause the D.C. gubbamint to institute 'reforms' that are alleged to rein in the 'abuses' but actually create a regulatory environment favourable to this insurer. This insurer has a reputation for passing bribes; in fact, several officials of a certain State are under indictment for taking his money. The Authorities there know that these officials took the money improperly, they just can not prove its source, but everyone knows what that source is.

Anonymous said...

Dear DC Cabbie --

I really enjoy your blog and have a few questions about it. Is it possible to send you a private message?


Mad Cabbie said...

Yes you can send me messages to my PR department at

Mad Cabbie said...

Is that insurer located on Florida av Phil? Some of my Ethiopian sources tell me some horror stories that occured while he was in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Mad Cabbie, few months ago one of those clowns tried to charge us using rate 3 and when we got to our destination we refused to pay the fare. We told the driver to call the cops if he thought he got cheated! He yelled at us and he drove off as quick as he can. I always tell my friend that if they see rate 3 expect a free ride. Those idiots give good drivers like yourself a black eye.

I have been following your blog ever since I picked it up on WONKETTE years ago and you have one of the greatest blog in Washington and I wish if you posted more. Great job!

Mark in Dupont.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mad - I learned about your blog from FamousDC and am a huge fan. I am so happy to hear that Pastor Joe is okay!

I am mid-20s female, have lived in DC for two years, and recently, my family (three ladies + myself) got in a cab around the Capitol heading to the Smithsonian. The driver attempted to charge us Rate 3 plus an extra dollar (5.50 instead of 4.5))for what he called "the gas tax." I informed him that Mayor Gray did not say that a "gas tax" or a "snow emergency" were in effect. Once I called him on it, he said we didn't have to pay it. I was livid because I felt like he was taking advantage of us.

But most of the time, I am in cabs alone and at night, and I'm not so brave to call drivers on this stuff. Do you have any advice?

Thank you,
A Loyal Mad DC Cabbie Fan

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