Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have known Ricki for a number of years, he is one of the old timers. You can say Ricki is the Brett Favre of cab drivers, he keeps coming back out of retirement. The first time he retired he wanted to settle in the Philippines and chill but that plan didn't work out so he came back. The second time he moved back in the woods, in Pennsylvania and that didn't last too long either.

I like Ricki, he is a good man and a very good cab driver. He is a dreamer but some times unfulfilled dreams catch up with us and turn in to our worst nightmares. Ricki and I have special relationship,

"Yo Mad, are you a homo or something? What's up with that special relationship man!"

Every time I see Ricki I used to force him cry by deliberately guiding our conversation about his ex-wife. His ex-wife left him for another dude years ago and he never got over it.

"Mad, do you blame her? Look at the way he sings!"

Come on man! Can we exercise a little sensitivity here? The man is hurting!

I haven't seen Ricki lately and I hope he is doing alright and NO I am not going to mention his ex-wife anymore when I see him. I am a matured gentleman now.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie. 


brokemoto said...

Would you believe that there are actually people who do not want to ride with this guy? There are one or two who call and say not to send him.

He is driving again. He rents from those guys out front. He runs mostly his own customers. For a while, he was even bouncing between Diamond and Yellow. When his customer level got too low while he was at Yellow, he would come back to Diamond and replenish, then go back to Yellow. He did not like Bob Waller.

There is more to that story about Karen, but I will not put it here. She worked the front desk at Diamond in the very early 1990s until Bob sacked her. Back then, her face needed work, but she had a body that would not quit. No, I never touched her nor was I interested. I never would fool with married women, not knowingly, at least. Too much baggage and problems there.

Anyhow, Rick seems to be doing allright. If I rode in his cab, I would ask him simply to drive me and not sing.

For those who miss Lorenzi, that is his voice on the two-way.

Anonymous said...

We rode with that gentleman out to Dulles airport one time and it was a pleasure. Is he a native Indian? Mad we love you, and did you know that you made it in the top 50 blogs in Washington? Keep it up!