Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This is a snap shot I took last night in Chinatown at the corner of 7th & I streets near the Verizon Center, all bright, lovely and people walking around having a good time with a peace of mind that there is a strong police patrol checking out half naked booties.
And look at this bus parked in some shady ass dark alley just half a block away on I street between 7th and 6th street, where nobody will hear you if you scream your ass off when you get mugged.

This is one of the five different spots in town where these so called "China Bus" pick up their passengers who line up for a super cheap $30 round trip ride to New York city! How the fuck do they make money charging those fares? and sometimes they are not even half full. The word from the street is that these buses are owned by the Chinese mafia in New York! and please note that I didn't come up with that assessment because I don't want those Chinese brothers do a Jackie Chan on my ass.

So next time you ride with these buses please don't be surprised if your luggage is mixed up with few Kilos of coke or some shit but in the meanwhile I will stick with my old fashioned Greyhound Bus for a few dollars more.

By the way I would like to thank all of you who emailed to check on me because you were concerned about my sudden disappearance from the blog world, I am sorry that I didn't respond, I was little down for couple of month but I am feeling energized and ready now so please forgive me.

And as usual please don't forget the homeless.

Mad Cabbie.


SE BROTHA said...

I am glad that you feel good Mad, I thought you got smoked or something, next time just leave us few words that you are alive.

Peace bro,

SE brotha.

Anonymous said...

What's up CB! I thought DC Taxicab commission was torturing in the basement, I don't even see you out there anymore...I hope everything is A-OK now!

Yellow 47

Peggy said...

Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

I checked this blog almost every day since March to see if there were updates. I love your stories. Please don't stop writing it helps brighten up my day.

Xtreme English said...

welcome back!!!! so happy to get your column this ayem. i heard you were doing good while you were out of touch with your blog. you're an inspiration, mad cabbie!!

peggy's mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Mad, I took one of those buses to New York for Thanksgiving last year because I was on a strict budget and that was one ride from hell! The bus kept breaking down every 20 miles, the guy who sat next to me smelled like toilet and the driver got lost when we got to New York and I never rode with them since but they are very popular in our campus at AU because we are always broke.

Thanks for coming back Mad, I am back in New York for the summer but until I get back to campus this fall I will turn to your blog for some DC updates.


Anonymous said...

What's Pastor Joe doing Mad? You guys ever talk after he stopped driving?

Elizabeth said...

..glad you are back!...

John said...

Nice to have you back.
Hope things pick up for you old buddy.

june in florida said...

Glad your back, missed you.

Eryn said...

WHEEEEEEEE!! Mad's back!! :)

G.S. said...

Nice to have you back, MC. There had been buses running from Chinatown in NYC to Boston for $10. Great deal if you made it alive. Actually I never heard anything bad about them, but the price did go up after awhile.

Anonymous said...

Yahhh! Mad Your back!

Anonymous said...

I think I have heard the same thing about those buses MC but I have taken them up to NYC quite a few times, the one thing I noticed was most of those Chinese bus drivers were under 5 feet tall! I wonder how they reach the pedals???

kilgorsky said...

Good to have you back in the blogosphere, Mad.

J-Funk said...

Yay! He's back!!

My life has been so empty since you left...

Anonymous said...

MC, Don't you ever do a disappearing act like this anymore!

We love you!

The Capitol Hill Gang.

freddybeach cabby said...

good to have you back brother! I was wondering if you were gonna write again...

Lugosi said...

I thought maybe you had ended up in Gitmo or something.

As far as those buses are concerned, there was an article in the paper a few months back. Those things have--surprise!--a lot of safety violations.

Mad Cabbie said...

SE Brotha, No they didn't smoke me yet! But I am taking down one with me I am not going to check out with out a fight!!!

Yellow 47, NO those pussies at the Taxicab commission don't fuck with me at all...I saw you about a month ago and I noticed you changed your cab...Now you are driving a TOYOTA as a cab??? What's next Mr 47? might as well wear a skirt to match your Toyota bitch!!! Love you JJ, I hope I will see you soon.

Peggy, I am glad you tuned in... How are things up there? One of these days I need to come up there and chill with the goats Peggy!

Anonymous, Thanks for checking and I appreciate that you like what I write and I have all kind of stuff in the pipes so please tune in and I am glad that I make your day better.

Xtreme English, what's happening young lady? I always look whenever I am on Q street but there is no sign of Peggy's mom and again it's 3 in the morning, I assume you will be sleeping like a baby that time in the morning.

Megan, I will try to keep you updated and stay away from those China buses...If your parents can afford AU they should hook you up with a train ticket instead every now and then!

Anonymous, Pastor is busy with a major project which I am involved in also and I talk to him pretty much every day. Now he doesn't drive a cab anymore he thinks cabdrivers are stupid! I think he is an asshole, what do you think?

Elizabeth, How are you honey? thanks for checking back...I will make sure I will write some good stuff!

John, thanks for your email and everything and everything is looking good thank you, all I need is a hot chic!

I miss you too June...Our Hillary Clinton victory party is sneaking up on us so get ready girl!

Eryn! How are you sweetheart? you know I started taking pictures for my blog so I need a little criticizing or compliment from you.

G.S what's up buddy? Those buses are suspicious if you ask me. by the way your link keeps sending ERROR message, what's up with that?

Mj my man...thanks dude, I think we are going to kick some ass for the rest of the year MJ!

Thanks for that email Kil, it means a lot to me and I am sorry I did not respond but I am back now. I saw your new drum and it looks good KIl.

J-Funk, Don't worry baby, I will make you smile every chance I get and thank you for not giving up on me.

Capitol Hill Gang...Thanks guys and thank you for that disgusting post card.

Freddy my hero, It was just a little refocus and plan time, I hope everything is ok with you.

Lug, if anyone ends up at Gitmo, that would be you, look at the way you abuse Bush and his clowns? If I were you I look over my shoulder every time I step foot in DC! How you been brother?

G.S. said...

Hey, MC, I think I know what's up with that error message on my link. You've got two slashes (//) at the end of the address that shouldn't be there. No wonder I'm not gettin' any hits on my blog anymore! Help!

Anonymous said...

well, i've been on those cheapo buses, and all the drivers do is bad-mouth the other companies. i think it's mostly urban legend stuff. besides....not all of us are rich cabbies...we gotta save $$ somehow. i do have my favorite (not the chinatown bus). it's too bad i can't remember the name! i hafta google it every time. see wot happens when you get old?

peggy's mom

G.S. said...

Thanks so much for fixing the link, MC. You're the best, amigo.

DC Cab Rider said...

Good to have you back Mad ;). I'm trying to be back as well.

The China NYC bus - have a friend who has ridden it a couple of times. It is apparently NOT a comfortable ride in any way, shape, or form.

Claire said...

I have taken a couple of photography classes and I think your pictures rule. It is very hard to take pictures at night, Dude. Well done!

The China bus companies sound a little like the Tijuana buses.
Welcome back, Sweetie!
Peace and hugs,