Tuesday, November 05, 2013


  New ipad with the retina display? $440

New DC Taxi Dome-light? $500

What's wrong with this picture?

Thanks to comrade Ron Linton the supreme commissioner of DC Taxicab commission, DC cabdrivers are being raped by a single dome-light supplier that the commissioner approved of. This Chinese crap is sealed, so if the bulb in one of the dome-light is burned, you have to go to an approved installation place to get it unsealed and replaced at a cost of $25 or more. If the bulb on the information display burns, it could be $50 or more since the LED lights are built on the motherboard.

A simple dome-light that costs $50 can do the same job if wired correctly, and to replace a burned bulb light costs $3, a screwdriver and ten minutes of the drivers time.

Mr. Commissioner, if you reading this post please send the drivers extra KY Jelly because they are being raped dry and that shit hurts man! I am still walking funny!!!

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.     


Anonymous said...

The guy on West Virginia Avenue sells a metal version of these things for close to five hundred bananas, as well. They are assembled in the United States from parts of various origins. They are metal. These lights DO have the approval of the People's Taxikab Kommissariat.

Still, these are expensive things that the drivers neither NEED nor WANT. Once more, the People's Taxikab Kommissariat has lied to us. All of these 'modernisations' were supposed to be provided at no cost to the driver. We had to pay a jacked up labour charge for the 'Modern' taximeter system. We had to pay an excessive cost for these lights that make it difficult for us to end our day and go home to sleep. Sleep is about all that we have time to do, anymore, as the Mary Cheh and the rest of the People's Supreme Soviet allow unregulated and illegal competition to come into the City and take our customers. This illegal competition pays no taxes or fees to DC. They are not subject to fines that constitute Cruel and Unusual Punishment issued by the Police and Harassment Inspectors. They do not have to pay the excessive fees that we must pay.

Supreme People's Taxikab Kommissar Linton published a Letter to the Editor in the Official Organ of the Socialist/Compulsionist Party of the Nanny States of America (b.k.a. the WASHINGTON POST). In it, he states that there are 'inevitable minor problems with the rollout of such technology' and that most of the problems are due to 'driver error, ineptitude and unfamiliarity'. OOM-WA-WA!!!!!! Some of these systems fail with regularity and thousands of drivers are put out of work every day! The cadres at the People's Taxikab Kommissariat did NOT field test ANY of these things adequately. There were NO instruction books issued with any of these things that I have seen. I did not get one with mine. (I did, in all fairness, receive an instruction book with my LET'S MAKE SURE MORE CAB DRIVERS GET KILLED light). Every day, I try to help drivers with failing systems. Sometimes I can, sometimes, I can not. EVERY DAY, I see drivers in tears because they were put out of work by these horrors of modern technology that they NEITHER needed NOR wanted in their cabs. It AIN'T all the drivers' fault. But, Supreme People's Taxikab Kommissar Linton continues the fine tradition: 'The cab driver is ALWAYS in the wrong'.

This gar-BAH-hay, combined with the illegal, unregulated and UNFAIR competition, has ruined the cab business.

It is time to get rid of these Kommissars who mean us NOTHING but harm. ANYONE connected with the Hotel and Restaurant business should be SPECIFICALLY BARRED from having ANYTHING to do with regulating the for hire business.

Perhaps the Teamsters can help us. They DO have good lawyers. What we REALLY need is the Teamsters of Old.

Anonymous said...


It is always easy to blame things on those "ignorant immigrant" Cabbies. Sigh!


Anonymous said...

CHEESE AN' CRACKERS THUNNER' AN' LAHTNIN' I dun fergutt it's them thar' furrinners what's messin' up them thar' credit card readers. Seein' whut them thar' furriners kain't read or speak no English, ain't no need fer no instruction book! Wooden do no good no how!

One of the problems with technology is that everyone points fingers at everyone else. NObody takes any responsibility or tries to make what they sell or manufacture work. The manufacturer blames the user or the installer. The installer blames the user, the manufacturer or the vendor. The technician blames the manufacturer or the user. NO one takes any responsibility or takes any time to make sure that the drivers know how to use this JUNQUE.

I know the answer, this stuff is gar-BAH-hay and HOON-kay. It is EXPENSIVE garbage and JUNQUE, as well.

Anonymous said...

A light emitting diode is not a bulb and can not burn out. They can fail, but then there are hundreds others on the board to complete the message.

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Xtreme English said...

I don't like those damned lights because I don't understand them. If they're on, does that mean the cab is taken? or open for bidness? Sigh.

You are getting ripped off, Mr. Mad Cabbie, along with all of your co-workers. What a shame? Has any of the Kommisars replied to your views??

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