Tuesday, October 01, 2013


"Where does a DC hack inspector go for lunch money?"

"Union Station cab stand!!!"

That's right, that's were the lunch money is at. It's a very well known fact among cabdrivers that some of these thugs or the so called hack inspectors harass cabbies at Union Station. For minor shit like a missing hubcap they accept as little as $5 lunch money in favor of not giving a citation ticket. Drivers are afraid to speak out because of the potential retaliation. The DC Taxicab Commission is run like a family mafia, that I will describe about those lazy ass incompetent retards in my next blog or so.

When my man Paul Wagner from Fox 5 reported that one of the hack inspectors has a long history of criminal records like assault and armed robbery, I wasn't surprised for a second! I think all the hack inspectors in hand should fill out their job application again. This time truthfully and let's see how many of them will survive after they go through full background check like we the cabdrivers go through every two years.

My crystal ball is telling me that the District of Columbia government will need bunch of new hack inspectors after all said and done. So I suggest Mr Russ Ptacek a reporter from channel 9 for a hack inspector position! He is a hack inspector wannabe who has been harassing cab drivers for some time now in the name of investigative reporting. So Russ, there is going to be an opening pretty soon, go for your dream job man!

"How dare you diss Russ, Mad Cabbie? Russ Ptacek is an Emmy Award winner, serious reporter who came from the journalism capital of the world! Kansas!"  

Emmy Award my ass motherfucker! Every creep on TV has an Emmy, it's like the pee-wee league, everyone wins a trophy! I know a guy who works in the boiler room at channel 9 who has won it three times man!

The District of Columbia should require a full background check and a college degree to all law enforcement personnel including hack inspectors.

"College degree don't mean shit Mad Cabbie, look at yourself! Shady ass college educated cabdriver! What's wrong with my GED? All I do is pull over these sand niggers and write tickets all day long! Why do I need a degree in physics to be a DC hack inspector?"

That's not funny motherfucker, my degree in mathematics is in use to help me give the correct amount of change to my passengers!

Look, there are all kind of retards running around with college degrees like myself, but a college degree at least is a starting point telling the employer that the potential employee made a four year commitment to do something positive instead of doing drive by and armed robberies.

DC cab drivers thank defense attorney Shawn Sukumar from the Washington DC law firm Price Benowitz for defending a fellow driver and for exposing this thug hack inspector which we will know the name pretty soon. At the same time, not all the hack inspector are shady, like any other business there are always few bad apples, maybe in this case more than a few. We demand full investigation of the backgrounds of all DC hack inspectors and a complete overhaul of the hiring process as soon as possible.

When I am pulled over by a hack inspector, I don't want to second guess if the inspector is going to rob my ass at gun point, I have plenty of my passengers who do that for a living.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie. 



Anonymous said...

The People's Taxikab Kommissariat is known for its hypocrisy.

They make me pay up front when I apply for a hack licence renewal. However, their rules SPECIFICALLY prohibit me from asking my passenger for money in advance so that I can pay the EXCESSIVE licence fee.

I can not wear shorts in the hot weather, but that Harrassme-er-uh-HACK inspector who is writing me a summons for wearing shorts has on a pair.

Hack Inspectors and People's Taxikab Kommissariat cadres can bark at me and talk to me any way that they please, but if I tell that illegal Virginia registered cab driver just what I think of him for picking up that street hail, and, he files a complaint, I can get a fine while nothing happens to him.

The People's Taxikab Kommissariat compels me to accept AMEX, but will not accept it from me to pay the excessive fines and fees.

If my passenger's credit card is no good, too bad for me; the People's Taxikab Kommissariat will not even let me verify the card before I go. If my VISA or MASTERCHARGE is no good, I do not get my hack face renewal.

I have to stop at fifty different People's Bureaus in the Demokratik People's Republik of New Kolumbia to prove that I am not a criminal and do not owe the Government of the Demokratik People's Republik of New Kolumbia any money. The guy who enforces all these rules does not have to prove ANYTHING.

Can you say 'hypocrisy'? I knew ya' could.

--Anonymous Phil

Anonymous said...

Now that I have finished with that....

I left Diamond in August. Best bought the company earlier this year. He brought in Solomon Bekele of Crown Captive Insurance as a partner. Once he came, I knew that I was done for. Solomon was going to look at the books, and see that they had minimum wage operators on the microphone (a practice started under Ali Tamaseb/Hazim Ibrahim with the coming of the computer/satellite call assignment system). Ol' Solomon was going to see what they were paying me and his first question was going to be 'Why are you paying him _________, when you can get the same job for minimum wage?' I know that you will not agree with me when I say that it AIN'T the same job WAHT'S GETTIN' DONE when I am on the microphone as when a non-knowledgeable, minimum wage operator is on the board. For the purposes of this discussion, that is irrelevant. Solomon does not give a damn about quality, all that he cares is that the calls go out, somehow. Some of those minimum wage operators are selling jobs, but Solomon does not care about that, either. Some of those operators are also uncaring, careless and inaccurate, but again, Solomon does not care.

Anyhow, Best tried to make it look like he was doing it, but I knew better. He offered to let me stay if I took a sixty-five per cent pay cut. I told him what he could do with that pay cut and to let me know when my last day was. I told him that eventually, it would cost him me as a driver. I reminded him that I had a hard enough time paying $93/week for Tom Naulty and Leon 'King Jive' Martino; I was NOT paying $105/week for Fatima Crowder, Tyree Johnson and Tom Musonda.

So, I hit the kerb, MyTaxi, Uber Taxi and HAIL-O. When it came time for picking a PSP, Schaeffer laid out my options. The easiest was to paint into him. So I drive a Capitol Cab, now.

Best and Bekele are now squabbling while the house burns around them. They are in a garbage hole on Queens Chapel Road where there is no parking. The 1101 Rhode Island property went Friday.

I do not know what Abebe is up to, but I will say nothing bad about him.

Anonymous said...

.....and as for Supreme People's Taxikab Kommissar Linton, every time he opens his mouth I think of a San Francisco psychedelic band from the late 19600s called Syndicate of Sound. Their best known record is TALK TALK.

He is going to 'meet' with someone at DC Gubbamint HR. Nothing will happen. TALK TALK

He says that he wants to run the illegals out of the City, but he does not have the resources to go after the illegals. Funny, he has the resources to go after legitimate drivers and make sure they have this KGB Spy Meter System in their cabs. He has the resources to harass legitimate drivers over nit-picky things and judgement calls. TALK TALK

He says that he 'listens' to the drivers. He HEARS them, he does not listen. There IS a difference, O Supreme People's Taxikab Kommissar. TALK TALK

When you get to the subject of People's Politburo member Mary Cheh, I have more about background checks, or lack thereof. HINT: You need no background check to drive a limousine in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They issue the H or HAD plates once you pay a fee to the State Corporation Commission. In Maryland, you need a licence, and get a background check, but the State will issue the BA plates without the owner's having to prove that he has a licence.

Anonymous said...

Mad...you are so right, i once dropped at union station and z hack inspector came by my window and boldly asked me if i am buying lunch.
i had no choice but gave him $10..hate thoz niggaz. keep doing the fight Mad Cabbie.

Grand Cab ####

Anonymous said...

There is rumour of a major shakeup down at the People's Taxikab Kommissariat. I have people on it. Will post when I learn more.

Mad Cabbie said...

After I came back from my Afghanistan adventure they wouldn't allow me to register my cab. I requested to talk to the commissioner and the fat bastard wouldn't talk to me. I am a United States citizen born and raised in DC, drove in the city for over 20 years, know my shit well and they wouldn't let me drive my stupid cab!

Go figure Phil!

Anonymous said...

They stopped registering new vehicles (taxis and limos, both) some time back. If you turned in your plates, you could not get them back. Once Mary Cheh and the People's Kommittee on Publik Works and the Environment of the Supreme Soviet of the Demokratik People's Republik of New Kolumbia mandated the uniform paint scheme, they would not let you change equipment, even, without your filing for a waiver and having it approved. It took some time to do that. For a while, they were letting Corporate Owners put on new vehicles, but not individuals. The idea behind that was that no company would put on a vehicle that it could not rent. Even that has stopped, now.

They are supposed to open up the change of equipment 1 November, but I do not know if that will happen. No one knows when they will let individuals put on new vehicles, again. Corporations are supposed to be allowed again, soon, but I am not sure of that, even.

Meanwhile, you are stuck renting. Are you renting now, Mad Cabbie? Where did you go? I can not imagine that you went to Hassan. He has lost a few drivers. God bless the guy, but he is getting old and has been sick, lately. He has been a good friend to me over the years and has helped me numerous times. Still, when your health impedes your work. you must slow down. Health comes first. Or did you go to Moh on West Virginia? If Diamond or Moh can not help you, Schaeffer has something to rent. Schaeffer AIN'T the bad guy that many make him to be. Or did you go somewhere else altogether?

Mad Cabbie said...

I am out of the business for now!

Anonymous said...

It turns out the earlier referenced rumours of a shakeup at the People's Taxikab Kommissariat were just that, rumours.

One guy has departed, but that is far from a major shakeup.

To-day is the last day to get the new cruising light. The Supreme People's Taxikab Kommissar has announced that there will be extra harassme-ER-uh-HACK Inspectors out there as well as additional Police and tow trucks. Funny, Supreme People's Taxikab Kommissar Linton has stated repeatedly that he does not have the resources to go after illegal cab drivers. Wonder where he got the resources to pick on the legitimate drivers over these lights?

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