Sunday, September 14, 2008


"My girlfriend is not feeling well, can you please take us to the Quebec Apartments in Cleveland Park? I am going to drop her off, wait for me for five minutes and bring me back here to Adams Morgan!"

This dude was from Philadelphia visiting his girlfriend that lives in DC. The girlfriend had way too many to drinks and started to get out of control at the club so her friends suggested that he should take her home. The chic had a nice tall body, probably 6 feet tall but he is much shorter than her and it was a very funny scene when he was trying to drag her in the cab.

Once they got in the cab she passed out and he started yapping about Philly this! and Philly that! I really wanted to bitch slap his ass back to Philadelphia. He also wanted to smoke some weed in my cab but when I politely explained to him that I have an iron pipe under my seat that I use for disorderly passengers he changed his mind quick. We arrived at the Quebec South Apartments few minutes later and as soon as he dragged her out the cab she was on all fours puking like shit all over the grassy area.
I took a quick snap but the quality is poor, the boyfriend is the one carrying her bag looking down while she was spraying the driveway.

After a few minutes of uncontrolled purging, he helped her walk upstairs, put her drunk ass to bed, came back and jumped in my cab for a trip back to Adams Morgan.

"This is a blessing in disguise my man! I am glad her ass is in the bed right now!" he said, when I asked him why he left her alone at the apartment. "One of my girlfriend's co-worker was grabbing my Italian dick on the dance floor dude! She was teasing me all night! I told her that I would be back and I am going to hit that ass tonite bro!" According to him he is not worried about his girlfriend finding out that he nailed her drunk colleague.

For you folks that live at the Quebec South, watch your step when you come out in the morning. The driveway in front of the lobby could be a little slippery, thanks to one of your neighbors. I wanted to get back and take a picture of her vomit for my dear readers but I got real busy for the rest of the night.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Peggy said...

Both the puker and her boyfriend are so . . . so . . . icky!

Gnightgirl said...

Wow. Through all that, she managed to keep those heels on. Impressive.

anOCgirl said...

that girl's boyfriend is a total douchebag. way to call him out, mad. too bad you didn't get a good shot of his face to warn girls everywhere.

Diana said...

..and that's why I tend to stay away from meeting men at clubs. Thanks for the reminder, Mad!

Tonya said...

"I wanted to get back and take a picture of her vomit for my dear readers but I got real busy for the rest of the night."

I hope you were kidding, because trust me, we don't wanna see that.

Lugosi said...

Tonya: Speak for yourself. Me, I'd like to see it.

King of New York Hacks said...

He looked pretty comfortable wearing that purse...a sure sign that the gaydar reading was high and he was going back to the club for a dude.
Trust the king on this I've seen it before,nuff said.

smokey eyes said...

I think I will agree with the King! He's handling that purse better than I can. The gay-meter is off the roof.

Mad Cabbie said...

I agree Peggy, a chic who drinks herself to puke is a real turn-off. I remember of a girl back in college who pucked all over my chest while she was on top. I still scrub my chest real hard every time I take a shower after all these years.

Gnightgirl, those heels man! the chic is already 6'+ without them and like you said it was impressive that she hang on with them shoes. A shit-faced Amazon chic, it requires a real man to handle her.

Lizzie, Remember what I said about 99% of men right? If you still don't believe me ask Elizabeth Edwards.

Diana, It doesn't matter where you meet men in clubs or at church. Man's urge to spread the seed is a very powerful uncontrollable force .

Tonya, here at the Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie, we try to do fair and balanced reporting like Fox News. I was dead serious when I wanted to get back and take a snap of that pile! I am trying to be a professional reporter.

Lug, I knew you were in to that brother!

King, you may be right! My gaydar is so poor I still believe that Clay Aiken is a macho, straight man!

Smokey Eyes, I am still waiting for your blog to launch! Thanks for the nice email!

suicide_blond said...

dont worry love...i think the pic is voyeuristic perfection...

kilgorsky said...

I think that the guy bragging about gettiing it on with his girlfriend's friend is a dickhead. He should have saved it. It was too cheap and I bet he didn't get any anyhow.

But the story is cool; as always, Mad.