Saturday, May 03, 2008


Mad Cabbie has been busy the whole month trying to help the Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to merge together since they have one thing in common.

"That's not funny at all Mad! We know you come from a Catholic family, Is there some childhood issues and bitterness you want to address?"

I will see you all on Monday and there are tons of stuff to talk about and I owe a lot of people all kind of responses to some of the good email questions I have been asked.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


june in florida said...

Looking forward to it.Missed you.

Lugosi said...

Better hurry up. The METER's running.

Philip said...

Bashing Catholics is still oh-so-fashionable.

Anyhow, one side benefit of the meter seems to be that it has drastically reduced the number of illegals during the weekdays on Saturday day. Some more still do venture out at night, though. They are afraid that if the Hack Inspector stops them and sees no meter, he will see that there is no hack licence, either. As we all know that the Hack Inspector rarely works Sunday, there were more illegals than usual out this morning. Funny, though, there was a police car parked in the 1300 block of P street for most of the morning and the officers were out of the car walking around. Not a cab is sight, and you know that this dodg'em arena usually has SWARMS of illegals cruising it.

You do not work in the day MC, so this may not help you, but one sure way to spot an illegal these days is cruising light lit in the day, but no meter, Yup, they have changed the rules on cruising lights, you can not turn it off unless the meter is on. The meter turns it off automatically, you are not even supposed to have the switch anymore, although most of the meter shops are not taking out the switch.

Of course, the Commission has not cleaned up all sections of 31 yet, either, so that all of the rules correspond. What do you want from a Progressive Authoritarian gubbamint?

Mad Cabbie said...

Missed you too June! I just had to take care of business, that's all.

Lugosi, you are so creative with the METER bit! I don't have a meter yet, I was told they don't have meters anymore.

Phil, I know you are from Boston but I didn't know you are a Catholic! You are an old hippie, what do you care Phil?
Phil, you don't know how many times I took a snap shot while PG drivers were caught in the act and gave the pics to hack inspectors, but nothing came out of my effort from those loosers! What's up with the meters? I can't get one to save my life! I even offered extra $100 for your boy Big Daddy Tommy, even he couldn't help me out at PANAM CAB! Stay tuned to my next post!

Philip said...

I am pretty thick-skinned about it, as a rule, but yes, I am a Catholic. I have my problems with them, as well. I can take it about that, and other things, but every once in a while I do like to dish it out. 'Keeps everyone honest.

As to the PG cabs and Alexandria Airport Bandits, the Hack Inspectors, Police and the Commission go through this song and dance about how they can not do this to them and can not do that. I have always said that it will never cease to amaze me how little they can do to someone who does everything that he can to violate the law so flagrantly and how much they can do to us legitimate guys who expend every effort to follow the law.

The bottom line is that it is easier to write summonses on us legitimate guys. We have to pay them. If they write a summons on a suburban driver, he laughs at them. If they would take the bother to impound the car and Brentner had to come and pay a few hundred bananas to get it out of hock, that would put a rapid end to the problem of PG cabs.

It is very easy for the authorities to police us, they need expend very little effort and it pays well in fines and public opinion. It requires some effort to protect us and they do not see how it can pay as well. Funny thing is that they could make it pay very well, over one-thousand dollars per stop.... But they will never learn, thus they will always be quick to police us and slow to protect us.

If I have no customer and see one of those bungholebreaths picking up, I pull over and block him in. I have gotten into more than one shouting match with them and have been threatened. Once I took my four way out of the trunk and the Alexandria Abdullah started to make fun of me and ask me what I was going to do with it. I told him that I was going to take off his lug nuts and throw them into the sewer or did he want to give up the job that he had just picked up? He was surprised; he thought that I was going to try to hit him with it.

Anyhow, about the meters, try Schaeffer. He is still taking requests for appointments. A couple of Diamond's guys have come there. I know, you can damn Schaeffer all that you like, but he has always treated me pretty good. Schaeffer is not your enemy in this disaster, it is another guy. The guy to whom I am referring will make even Nichols, Brentner and Lee Barnes look like fairy godmothers. Schaeffer is going to become a refuge for the independent driver as this guy pushes his plans to fruition. He has paid off all of the right people. This guy is BAD NEWS for the independent cab driver. (HINT: he is originally from a place that you recently visited, there, MC).

johnnypeepers said...

You rock Mad. We know you got the scoop on Palfrey and them withheld digits. I know sometimes it is better to be underground though. Keep the knowledge in your dome and you live longer.

Philip said...

I went back to the street Sunday afternoon. It seems that most of the illegals that were out that morning disappeared. While the illegals were still out there, there were fewer than usual for a Sunday afternoon. I took one trip through the 1400 block of P St., N.W. and got a job at the Fresh Fields grocery store. There were no police there, but there were no cabs, either. She went to 770 5th St., N.W. We hit some lights and a bit of trafic, so the meter ran the same as the zone rate. I went home after about three hours.

Since you work at night, MC, did you find the usual swarms of illegals at Eighteenth and Columbia, DuPont or in ClownTown on Friday or Saturday? Or did you work?

I would be curious.

I hear that the guys at Yellow are having meter acquisition problems, as well. The guy on West Virginia Avenue is supposedly doing theirs, but I do not know the details. I have talked to a couple of Yellow drivers and they are not sure what is going on. Fenty, in his haste to shove this down our throats, has, as usual, planned this poorly and has made no allowances for reality. Progressive authoritarians do seem to have problems with reality.

I know, MC, you favour the meters, but y'ain't gonna' like the baggage that they bring with them.

Anonymous said...

I forget the homeless....

Dinosaur Mom said...

What I want to know is how CNN overlooked you in its piece about cab driver pundits?

Red said...

Aww bashing the Catholics... and here Aunt Dot (The Nun) is still praying for you. She was asking about you for a while there.

I think we all bash the Catholics at some point along with every other religion out there. I, myself, am a Cafeteria Catholic.

Can't wait to hear what you have been up to.

DC Cab Rider said...

MC - got your meter yet?

Philip said...

To-day was the telling day for the meters. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reports from their cohorts and supporters that the Hack Inspectors were not writing that many warnings and were concentrating on hotel stands, caused the illegals to trickle back onto the streets beginning Monday. By Wednesday, they were back at full strength. Once more the swarms of cab driven by unlicenced drivers could be found on the Hill, in Georgetown, on Pennsylvania Avenue and at Eighteenth and Columbia. So lax have the authorities been, that the illegals were once more overparking the Grand Hyatt Stand to the point that they were double parking on Eleventh Street.

So it is back to business as usual: swarms of unlicenced cab drivers taking away customers from those of us who go through the bother and expense of keeping a hacking face; swarms of unlicenced cab drivers, unmolested by the Authorities, as they cheat and mistreat the public.

My bottom line was about twenty-seven dollars less after working my usual six hours to-day. Everywhere that I went I noticed the illegals out in force.

There are five things in this business that are currently inflicting the most harm on us:

1. The alacrity with which the Authorities police legitimate cab drivers.

2. The zeal with which they police legitimate cab drivers.

3. The proportionally equal refusal of the Authorities to protect legitimate cab drivers. This refusal is manifested by (amoung other things) the Authorities' toleration of the unlicenced drivers in City cabs as well as their toleration of the Virginia and Maryland cabs' working in the City.

4. The price of gasolene.

5. Excessive fines for hack violations.

I can not pay the excessive fees that the Commission currently charges, nor can I pay the excessive fines if I can not pick up customers. I can not pick up customers because the illegals and the suburban cabs are taking them away. The Authorities seem to have no problem with that. They will not run the illegals off the streets nor will they stop Maryland and Virginia cabs from working in the City.

Every time that I mention this to anyone in authority, I get a song and a dance about how they can not do this, or can not do that and how these illegals and suburban cab drivers have this right and that right. Conversely, it appears that as a legitimate and licenced driver, I have no rights. The thug who is going to take my money and/or blow off my head has more rights than I do.

It will never cease to amaze me how little the Authorities can do to those who make every effort to break the law in the most blatant fashion and how much they can do to me, someone who makes every effort to follow the law.

People tend to take the law into their own hands when it ceases to protect them. This, I suspect is the reason that somebody out there has been running around ramming into suburban cabs. If this nonsense from the D.C. Gubbamint keeps up, another legitimate driver is going to take the law into his own hands and someone is going to get hurt. Just becuase I am an old man and can not do much about this, does not mean that someone else will not try it. If road rage over someone's running a STOP sign at Georgetown Hospital caused a Yellow Cab driver to pull out a gun...................