Thursday, November 01, 2007


I just had an extended vacation at two different local hospitals, besides not remembering what happened for three days during my stay I am grateful for the medical crew who saved my life even though the first bunch screwed up big time. I wanted to bring a lawsuit but for some reason Johnny Cochran is not returning my phone calls so I just settled for future free flu shot coupons and a free autopsy which expires by December 31st 2007 if I don’t use it by then, I think I did well.

Thanks to everyone who wished me well and all the misfits of society who came to check me out at the hospital. At one point my mother with a horror look on her face said “Oh my God! where do you know these people?” and I heard the hospital had to install a temporary metal detectors and hire more security personnel to accommodate my guests.

I am back at home now and all I hear about is yesterday’s DC cabbie strike! You idiots need to shut the fuck up and move on with the mayor’s decision which could put more money in your pockets. I have never heard of a strike for refusing to make more money by changing a fucked up zone system to a fare meter system that could bring in more people to sit in your back seat. Unless you have been ripping off people there is no reason why DC cab drivers should be upset about the metered system and I know some of you are worried about the implication of the new system inviting larger companies and putting independent drivers out of business but as long as you don’t sell your licenses to those companies which the license is worth less than a toilet paper at this point you have nothing to worry about. What ever is yours now will be yours in the future, if the District government limit the number of cabs in the city under pressure of big companies in the future, the DCTC license (medallion) you paid $33.50 for now would be worth something and you might have a retirement in your hand! Have you checked what a taxi medallion cost in New York city lately? So when I come back to work next week I don’t want to hear no more crying, the public wanted meters and let them have it and we will make out good so bring it on.

To be honest with you the meter/zone thing doesn’t affect me at all because I barely pick up random people off the street or take radio calls anymore. I work in an underground night life that most of you don’t have the slightest idea that exists in DC. My regular riders call me and I take them where ever they want to go and they pay me what ever they want. They pay me in cash, bag of weeds, lottery tickets, food stamps, blow jobs, you name it I am a very flexible businessman but no credit cards accepted at Mad Cabbie's empire.

Please don’t forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Red said...

Glad you're back Man! We were gettin worried.

Bob said...

Nice to see you back, good health ta ya.

Uncle Keith said...

Giv'n rides for blow jobs...Man, there ought to be a song about that!

Glad you are back and on the mend.

Kelly said...

Welcome back. I've missed hearing your takes.

Peggy said...

I am so pleased and relieved to see you back! I'm warming to Pastor Joe, but I'd rather you were here to write the blog entries.

Back just in time to have a meter installed in your cab. How fun :-/

John said...

Great to have you back.Don't forget to tell us about your travels.
As for the Medallion.In Dublin Ireland the medallions used to trade for 80,000 Punts. Then some smart ass sued the government, under EU rules by restricting the number op plates they had created a manopopy, which is illegal under EU rules.
He won his case.
The cost of a new plate went to 5000 punts and the number of taxis went from 3000 to around 17,000.
Thats for a population of 2 million.
If it happened here it could happen there.

Lugosi said...

You give rides for blowjobs? Where can I get a meter like that?!?!?!?!

Oh, and I'm glad you're still alive.

Joelogon said...

Good to hear that you're up and about again. Nice to see your analysis about the meters, too.

june in florida said...

Glad your back Mad, don't go back to work too soon.

kilgorsky said...

Hey Mad, great to see you in goog shape.
I followed the NY cab drivers' srtike on NPR radio--it was huge. I wonder if the DC strike stirred so much controversy as well.

Anonymous said...

Long Time Mad good thing your living the american dream.


Anonymous said...

The smart ass in Dublin who sued was the Taxi Drivers Association. In the 1970s with a population of about 150,000 the number of medallions was frozen -- with a population of a million there were not enough Taxis, people were having problems, etc. Meanwhile some Taxi drivers had bough up multiple licenses and "rented" the cabs to poorly paid drivers known as "cosies." It was these plate owners that dominated the association. Finally the government issued 150 new licenses for handicapped Taxis and the Taxi Drivers Association sued. To understand how dumb this was -- the lawyers had a similar cap earlier and lost in court -- so did the Taxi drivers association.

I'll admit to little or no sympathy on the meter issue. I've become inured to DC cabbies adding an extra zone or even two to a one zone trip (note -- stiff me on the zone, no tip.) What made me laugh is that the very worst stiffing I ever had was the day the strike was announced, I had 3!!!!!! do it.

Does anyone wonder at the lack of sympathy from DC residents who have regular experience of some cabbies (but a bit more than a dishonorable few) abusing the system ...

Anonymous said...

At first, I thought the meter system wasn't good because I tend to take the longer trips. Now, I see that the meters are more fair overall.

Cab drivers get 20% or sometimes even a little bit more if they're nice people (meaning that they're not rude, not that they have to go out of the way to smile and talk to me), good drivers, and honest with the fare. They get stiffed if they attempt to overcharge me.

I think that the meter system will eliminate arguments over the correct fare, but it will open up a new area of argument--argument over what is a reasonable route and how much leeway drivers have to take routes they believe are quicker despite being longer.

John said...

The only thing that many plate owners have problems with is that if the value of a plate stood at 80,000 quid.
Before deregulation
Why did the gov not issue new plates at that price?
Whether you care or not,guys lost their pensions.
Now the taxi regulator is going to introduce a law that makes plates worthless. Non transferable.

G.S. said...

Welcome back, MC.

Claire said...

Hi MC, I was coming online and unable to put together a decent thought was spouting jibberish. Found out I've got bad lungs. I don't smoke or have TB but my lung capacity is slightly limited. Glad you could think straight to go to another hospital! Because what would we do without you? It almost makes me cry.
Love and hugs