Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was trying to drop off two stripper roommates on Harrison street in Friendship Heights around four this morning but couple of blocks away from their house we were blocked by a couple of yellow cabs. The cab drivers were out throwing punches at each other, I think one of the dudes was bleeding but fighting fiercely. Normally I would go out there bitch slap them and break the fight but I am not strong enough yet to do that kind of shit and get my ass kicked so I let my stripper girls take a couple of digital shots of the idiots fighting and then I backed up, drove around the block and dropped them off.

That's one reason why you should not call Yellow Cab of Washington DC, unless you want some motherfuckers beating each other to death in front of your door because one of the morons was trying to steal the fare from the other jackass. Please call us here at Diamond Cab 202-387-6200! We offer comfortable rides, knowledgeable drivers of hooker hot spots, our brakes work about 68% of the time which is a DC record for cabs and for your personal entertainment, besides giving you a foot massage we play the latest Pakistani hits.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Uncle Keith said...

68% of the time? That's a little better than 2 out of 3. You can't beat that for odds!

Glad you are back. Friend to strippers and call girls, the city needs you!

Roy said...

Diamond cabs all the way

Xtreme English said...

i always call diamond cabs. my late friend david got me started more than 10 years ago. he said "they're great! there's usually one that's only about 10 minutes away, and you can trust them."

Mark said...

Hey Mad Cabbie,

I added your blog "DC Cabbie" to my Taxi Blogroll knowing that visitors might be interested in visiting. I hope you can add my taxi blog to your blogroll too. All the best!


SkippyMom said...

"68% of the time" for brakes - I'll take that on a good day...made me laugh out loud. [Prolly' 'cause I know how serious you are! hee!]

Glad you are doing better and didn't get out of the cab that night! Take care....please.


Anonymous said...

Yo Mad good pitch for Diamond Cab if I ever go back to Washington DC I would try to take find a Diamond Cab and take it somewhere.


Lugosi said...

Ah, yes. Nothing quite like cab drivers duking it over a fare. We get those sometimes at the Vienna metro. Usually it involves someone going someone who's asleep, or someone picks up a flag out of turn. Her in Fairfax it's usually the White Top drivers who are the biggest crooks.

Claire said...

Hi Mad,
the latest Pakistani hits cracks me up! This Thanks Giving I'm glad for your recovery.

The Acid Queen said...

So next time I'm in DC for a Canes-Caps game, I can call Diamond Cab and ask for you or Pastor Joe, right?

Cos I would totally tip as much as I could afford to be able to hear the latest Pakistani hits in your cab.